Bike Grrl Review: Skirt Garter by Bird Industries

image: Bird Industries

OK, so a while back I let y’all know that I finally treated myself to the super cute lookin’ skirt garters for biking by Bird Industries, so after a couple of road tests, I thought I’d report back my experiences…


* I will definitely say that these garters are a nice protective backup to keep yourself from being overly exposed.   I still wear boy shorts undemeath my skirt no matter what as it’s just more comfortable when cycling any decent distance, but these ensure that you look like you’re biking in a skirt, not biking in your underwear with a skirt resting awkwardly in your lap.

* Fairly reasonable price at $12. At first I thought dang, $12?! Then I realized there’s no way I’d make one of these myself, and for how long they’ll last, not a bad investment.

* Stays connected well – no problem with it coming unclipped from your skirt.  Note that you need to put it a bit higher up on your thigh than you might think just because otherwise it will disconnect when getting on/off your bike.

* She included a great sticker “friends don’t let friends wear spandex” with my order which I put on my bike right away 🙂

* Even with the cons I’m listing below, I’m going to keep them because they are the only invention out there I’ve seen and they do work.  But I think a bit more R&D time needs to happen for them to be a better product that works for more than just the skinny legged ladies.


* First, they don’t come in black which bothers me.  I wear black a lot & appreciate a neutral tone.  I may just get out a sharpie and color these, but just sayin’, there’s gotta be a way as black lingerie garters exist, y’know?

* Second, the website says you only need one (or in their words, “two if you’re extra modest”).  Not true at all!  If you only have one, it only keeps one side of yourself protected from being exposed to the wind that naturally comes from riding on a bike while the other side flies up.  I like to wear flowy A-line style skirts and in the first test ride with just one garter, I was pulling my skirt down on the other leg every couple of minutes.

* Third, I’m a curvy girl (size 12) and there’s no way my thigh looks anything like the photo above.  Anytime you put something elastic around an area that is not perfectly muscle toned, it squeezes both sides. It wasn’t too tight (I didn’t need a bigger size), just not very flattering, and since this accessory is actually exposed to the world, I felt really self conscious about my thighs.

* Fourth, if you are going to meet someone, you don’t really want an exposed garter (call me old fashioned, but it looks like lingerie which I prefer to keep covered up), and therefore when you dismount, you either have to hide it or remove it.  To hide it, you have to grab it, pull it up to mid or upper thigh, which unless you’re a supermodel, means you’re putting something elastic on a bigger section of thigh – not comfortable. If you want to remove it, you get to have the world watch you roll a garter down your leg which is not dissimilar to looking like you’re taking off your underwear on the street  (perhaps have the garter with a snap so one doesn’t have to slip their leg through the entire piece?).  On the second test ride, headed to a client lunch, I chose to roll mine up and just be uncomfortable and to try to roll it back down in a non-obvious way when returning to my bike, and found that after repeated on/off the bike, it didn’t stay flush against my leg and began to twist on my leg.

So I know, there are a lot of cons but I’m hoping they’ll wear on me.  As I bought one in grey and one in violet, and need to wear two garters when riding, I’m going to use a sharpie to color them both in black, but ultimately would only rate them a 3 out of 5.  I think this is a marvelous invention though and if the designer is reading this, hope she will consider some of these Cons to make a good product great…

image: Bird Industries

4 thoughts on “Bike Grrl Review: Skirt Garter by Bird Industries

  1. Quick update to my review: After posting my review on Etsy, the shop owner actually had the nerve to ask me to change my review from “neutral” to “positive” because it hurts her business. Seriously? I was trying to remain optimistic in wanting to use these but now I don’t even have any desire because the appropriate response would have been to thank me for my feedback and take these ideas into consideration for future designs. But that’s just me.


  2. That’s very cool. I didn’t even know those existed! I always ride my bike in shorts or cotton spandex (the horror! :)), but it would be nice to wear one of Summer skirts or dresses on balmy days. Thank you for sharing the review!


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