one of the strange and beautiful flowers spotted at the conservatory during our holiday
one of the strange and beautiful flowers spotted at the conservatory while on holiday

Well, compared to the rest of the country, we here in Portland have no reason to complain whatsoever!  Temps in the 80’s, garden continuing to go crazy, yet not so excruciatingly hot that we just want to hide in the basement.  I always feel blessed to live here in Oregon – our summers are fantastic, temperatures usually fairly mild, humidity not worth complaining about, and no need for air conditioning (sorry y’all, we only have about a week or so each year that we feel like we need it, buck up!) 🙂

Here are some of the groovy things that caught my eye this past week…

* I’ve been a fan for a while of Cherie at Renaissance Garden, and this week’s post The World Doesn’t Need Our Clothes really was quite powerful, both in what she had to say and the article she shared.

* Super psyched to be (finally!) getting two skirt garter/clips for biking by BirdIndustries!  It allows us gals to ride our bikes without our skirts flying up and giving the world a peepshow – yayyyyyy!  Check out this video as well to see how awesome they are to use. Will report back after my first test drive!  Just wish she had them in black…

* And even MORE excited about getting new glasses!  Any of y’all who wear them know how frickin’ expensive it can be to buy new frames, so I’ve been taking my old frames for the past 7 years and just getting the lenses replaced.  But no more!  I found some awesome tortoiseshell frames by ECO that I am madly in love with – not only are they made from 95% recycled materials, but they also plant a tree for every frame sold AND support a number of great organization. Check out their eco life cycle to learn more.

* Being a Portland native, I’ve been pretty lucky to be surrounded by sustainability, really growing up with it compared to a lot of people I know in other areas.  For my high school speech class, I focused on “why we all must recycle” (how do I remember this? I have the video, me and my long hair and all black, heehee) and I’m a proud certified Master Recycler. So the Sustainable Business Oregon article, Portland and Sustainability: A New Century of Green, is a pretty sweet tribute to my town’s history and where we’re headed – as well as hopefully some inspiration for other cities!

* Tick tock tick tock! Less than 6 months now til Obamacare kicks in and I can finally get health insurance through the Oregon Health Co-op! Being self-employed, I applied for and was denied coverage by several companies, so have been uninsured for the past year.  While I don’t feel awful for not having it – and have written about this in the past – my only fear is of the “big” thing happening.  You know, getting hit by a car or diagnosed with something where I’d be bankrupted with medical bills if it occurred.  But my concern has been, okay this is mandatory starting in 2014 – what crappy options will I be forced to choose between? So it was somewhat of a relief to read Cover Oregon OKs Oregon’s Health Co-op Innovative Plans – meaning, not only does the new exchange meet the minimum requirements, it goes above and beyond by offering smart benefits including flat copays (nothing more), the ability to do follow ups by phone or email at a lower copay, deductibles only on the big events, the ability to choose a naturopath for primary care, and acupuncture.
It’s one helluva step in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

    1. Thanks! Yeah I’ve not needed a regular doctor at all for the past year – between my naturopath, acupuncturist and LMT, and regular yoga and cycling, I’ve felt pretty great ! But it’d be nice to have coverage if I got hit by a bus or somethin 🙂


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