I can't believe how huge these are on the vine, one month after planting the starts!
I can’t believe how huge these are on the vine, one month after planting the starts!

Happy Summer everyone!

I don’t know about you but out here in Portland, the second week of summer came in the form of an overwhelming heat wave, with temps in the upper 90’s and forcing us to pull out the bedsheets to cover our sensitive tomato and pepper plants and protect them from burning rays (not the prettiest but hey, it works!).  Today’s temperatures in the 70’s were a tremendous relief and in my first day back from the most lovely vacation with my honey, I ended up crashing hard in a recordbreaking afternoon nap to catch up on sleep in an my un-airconditioned home!  But the tomatoes are thrilled, peppers are growing, pumpkins are blossoming, cucumbers are climbing, and the corn is nearly knee-high…and I just harvested a boatload of garlic. Yayyyy!

Before I start off on my Friday discoveries, congratulations to Cherie, blogger on Renaissance Garden who won my book giveaway of Storey Publishing’s The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living. Thanks to others who entered!

NOTE: Last week’s giveaway has been extended one more week! Check it out HERE to learn about the book and how to enter to win!

And onto the eco-goodness of the week…

* Cleaning up coastlines while making yard from recycled materials?  I’m in! Check out the OnEarth article, My Carpet Helps Save Coral Reefs – What Does Yours Do?

* I’ve only had the flu shot once in my life about 12-13 years ago, and never had any desire to get it again as I really believe that we need to encourage our bodies to fight battles free of chemicals and antibiotics whenever humanly possible.  So after reading on the Organic Consumers Association that the FDA approves First GMO Flu Vaccine Containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus, it further solidified my stance on this along with thoroughly freaking me out that this kind of thing would even be allowed with the incredibly dangerous side effects.

* Now THIS is more like it. Jamie Oliver Opens Zero-Waste Restaurant. In The9Billion, it’s reported that they will “either compost, recycle, or upcycle every piece of waste that is not used or consumed” and “will also use quality leftover ingredients from other restaurants and shops”.

* We are blissing out on our new eco-friendly, locally made 14″ Sweda latex mattress by bought from the good people over at locally owned retailer The Mattress Lot.  Click HERE to learn more about the eco- and sleep benefits of latex mattresses!  Not only have we found it to be incredibly comfortable physically, during this past heat wave I never woke up sweating like crazy even though our house was 80 degrees!  I know the “temperature neutral”  breathability of the latex had to have contributed to it. Manufactured at Sound Sleep in Washington, it has a 20 year warranty and they gave us a gorgeously soft mattress topper with our purchase along with a discount on some awesome memory foam pillows. Happy sigh…

* And after some amazing pickled goods we sampled during vacation, I’m thinking that Keep Calm and Eat On’s recipe for pickled red onions is exactly how most of my onion crop will be preserved. YUM.

* Finally?  I keep finding myself thinking about our meal at Higgins on Tuesday evening.  Click HERE to learn more about their philosophy on food, from sourcing locally to organic ingredients and more.  Scrumptious meal from start to finish at one of Portland’s best restaurants, from the cocktails (old fashioneds) to the hors d’oeauvres (charcuterie plate with house made pickles) to the starters (chilled vegan potato and green onion soup) to the entrees (locally sourced flat iron steak for him and “whole pig” plate, both with amazing greens) to the desserts (panna cotta for him, strawberry sorbet for me). hangover…


3 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. What I like about the Pacific Northwest is that sheets are not prized for their thread count, but the fact that they can be used to keep the sun from burning your tomato’s on unusually hot summer days. I also think you would get almost universal agreement that to own air-conditioning that you use one to three days each year qualifies as a waste of resources. It is so good to have someone who can use her public voice to reflect the best parts of our community.


  2. Thanks for the book! Really looking forward to reading it.

    And thanks for the info on the GMO flu shot – very scary what we’re doing to our immune systems. I’ve never had a flu shot. Years ago I decided to get one (because I wasn’t as informed as I am now), but when I showed up at the pharmacy there was a warning to people who were allergic to thimerosal, a preservative found in some shots. Since I am either allergic or just really sensitive to it, I left without the shot. In my childhood and into my adult years, I always picked up every virus that went around – and was sick much longer than other people. Funny thing is that since I’ve focused on building my immune system with herbs, I almost never get sick – and when I do I recover rapidly. I’ll take herbs over a flu shot any day. Guess Big Pharma can’t make enough money off of that.


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