Workin’ 9 to 5 (and seeing how others in the world take vacations)

As I wind down my own holiday (an awesome three week combination of staycation, garden projects and northwest getaways with my sweetheart), I admit, a few hours a week were still spent on work that I didn’t have the heart to tear myself away from (hey, I love what I do for my clients, I admit it!), and it made me think about the guilt that comes up with taking what we in the USA consider a very, very long vacation like I just enjoyed.

I’ve never had a job that offered more than 3 weeks’ time off for the whole year, and never used up my full annual allotment (usually I took little or none then cashed it out when I left). So, being self-employed, I’ve found that if I arrange my client work in a reasonable way and budget accordingly, I can take time off which leaves me refreshed and ready to take on more work with the attention my clients deserve – and that feels totally awesome.

But I consider myself fortunate – and know that in this country, the culture is that we should value work above all else – above pleasure, above family and friends, above home and health. Time off from the office is often seen as extravagant or one with an expectation that you’re still reachable.  So with that, below is an interesting infographic about vacation time around the world and how it’s perceived…


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