EcoGrrl-icious: Another Book Giveaway (this one’s for the birds!)

Surprise!  Along with last week’s book giveaway, I have a second book from  that’s up for grabs as well! YAYYYYYY!  (Flopping my hands around above my head like Kermit the Frog!)

This week, I’m giving away The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse: Building a Humane Chicken Processing Unit to Strengthen Your Local Food System, which helps communities sensitively, ethically, humanely, and safely launch programs to process chickens for food in a way that is so much better than those terrifying factory farms and processors.  As Temple Grandin, a designer of slaughterhouses, put it so perfectly in the foreword, “People forget that in nature, every living thing eventually dies…The animals that we raise for food deserve to have a life worth living…it is our responsibility to give them a good life and quick, low-stress death.”

I recently overheard a discussion talking about how many folks here jump on the “let’s raise chickens!” bandwagon then when they get past their laying years, everyone’s trying to dump them instead of finding ways to take them to, well, the next stage – poultry.  Rather than abandoning your birds, why not go in with other chickenkeepers and find a way to feed the hungry (or yourself!)?  A mobile poultry slaughterhouse “can be funded, built, and used by a community of farmers, or you can develop one yourself and use it as part of a business.”  How very entrepreneurial, environmentally sensitive, and community oriented…I love it!

Oh and my favorite (shocker!) is the chapter “Now Cook Up That Lovely Bird” including a recipe for Poule au Pot, perfect for the older birds.  Mmm, chicken.  Shouldn’t we be connected to this process a bit more than “chicken comes from the store”?

So, wanna win it?  Here’s what I would love you to include in your comment pretty please…

* Have you ever killed a chicken? 

* Where does the chicken you eat come from? 

* And, as always, check out one of my favorite blogs on the right side of this page and tell me why you think it’s EcoGrrl-icious!

I’ll be announcing this and last week’s book giveaway winner son Friday, July 5th, so you’ve got plenty of time to think of something awesome to write!!


One thought on “EcoGrrl-icious: Another Book Giveaway (this one’s for the birds!)

  1. Since I’m a vegetarian, I won’t be entering your giveaway. 😉 However, your review of Backyard Foraging made me go out and purchase a copy of the book.


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