Wellness Wisdom: 5 Essential Oils for Shifting Current Patterns


Hi everyone!  I’m excited to have Dana DuPont of Urban Gita back again to share her wisdom.  In her first guest post, she shared how she came to a place of healing and wellness through yoga and meditation in Waking Up With Emotions.  This week, she’s discussing her favorite essential oils.  When we talk about essential oils, it goes beyond “mmm that smells good!”  Essential oils “can affect the body’s physiological system directly or indirectly…The sedating as well as stimulating effects on the nervous system by some essential oils can indirectly aid in lowering or raising blood pressure as well as normalizing hormonal secretion.” (Natural News). So, with that, please enjoy Dana’s wellness wisdom!

As I continue on this journey of healing and stepping into my purpose, I am called to share my life’s experience with more and more people.

For most of my adult life, I had tried everything to help me feel better in life. I tried excessive drinking, drugs, exercise, vegetarianism, obsessing over having the perfect boyfriend to rescue me…and the list goes on. Nothing worked. I could not escape ME.

I wanted to be healthy and wanted it NOW – and whatever it was, I wanted MORE of it! I was using the same exit strategies and negative thinking patterns to try to solve my issues I thought were everyone else’s fault.

Then one day, Arin Ingraham came into my life just as I was asking the Divine Source for guidance. She introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils and as I began to work with these plants, I began to reach the root of my negative thinking patterns – and the cause of my suffering.

Little did I know that the “ME” I was hiding from was who I needed to discover to find answers. I needed to ask for help, as my thinking was skewed by painful experiences from my past, or my story (better known as my ego), and realized that if I wanted to be healthy and discover my greatest good, I needed to ask for help from HEALTHY people.

What a concept!

I heard once in a 12-step meeting on this topic “why would I take advice on what to wear from a naked person?” Yet we do this all the time. With this realization, I sought out secrets of success from healthy people.

As I began working with these essential oils and the doTERRA community, I met healers leading healthy lives and embracing healthy relationships. I began to mimic what they do, and read what they read.  With this support, I began to heal – my connection to the Divine became stronger, and my intuition became louder. My beliefs and fears shifted. My self-worth and abundance consciousness began to expand and continues to grow.

I am surrounded by people who have what I want: health and wellness, prosperity, balance, peace of mind, and ease in life. And with this as well as my own experience, I am stepping into my new chapter with grace.

My 5 favorite essential oils to support me in the healing process are:

Melissa –“The Oil of Light”
This oil opens us up to our guides and reconnects us to that inner voice. It prepares us to up-level. Melissa raises our vibration and helps us shed everything that blocks us from being in harmony with our inner light.

  • Emotions addressed – depression, dread, feeling overwhelmed, suicidal thoughts.

On-Guard – “The Oil of Protection”
Many with addiction or negative thought patterns have unclear boundaries. When doing this deep emotional cleansing and healing, it is crucial to protect ourselves against energetic parasites. Often we feel exhausted by putting too much energy out and not having a safety net to guard us from constant exposure to others’ negative energy and thoughts. This is our protective shield. On-guard reveals our co-dependency patterns, then supports redirection of these behaviors.

  • Emotions addressed – feeling attacked, unprotected, vulnerable, susceptibility to peer pressure.

Black Pepper – “The Oil of Unmasking”
Black Pepper is heating in nature, so it ignites the soul fire, which is fuel to motivation, high energy and rapid healing. It brings our truth to the surface, uprooting deep hidden emotions and helping us be honest with what we are feeling instead of hiding behind our masks and facades.

  • Emotions addressed – emotional dishonesty, repressed emotions, feeling trapped, prideful, superficial, judgmental.

Clary Sage “The Oil Of Clarity and Vision”
Since addiction is a disease of perception, Clary Sage is the oil that changes our perception. It offers courage to become aware of the Truth, and brings limiting beliefs that have created blockages to our conscious mind. This oil opens us to the dream world and helps us visualize new possibilities. It is connects us with the gift of discernment and acceptance of the reality of the Spiritual world.

  • Emotions addressed – confusion, darkness, discouragement, disconnection from spiritual realms, hopelessness, blocked creativity.

Immortelle “The Oil of Spiritual Insight”
This blend balances us, connecting us to the Divine, while grounding our connection to the earth. Immortelle also raises our vibration because it consists of all the most precious of the essential oils, cultivating trust in the Divine, faith, hope, gratitude, kindness, love, patience, all traits crucial for recovery. Meditation is deepened when using this oil, a major part of healing the mind and recovering from disease.

  • Emotions addressed – Dark night of the soul, spiritual blindness, feeling burdened, discouraged.

If you or anyone else you know needs help to recover from addiction or trauma, I encourage you to connect with a professional support system or recovery program. It is important to ask for help with this issue. Addiction disease is so much bigger than us.

For more information on using these essential oils, please check out my website or feel free to email me directly.  Thank you!


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