EcoGrrl-icious: Book Giveaway!

Well, guess what!  Just as I prepare for another holiday, a book from the good people at at Storey Publishing lands in my mailbox!!!  Lucky readers!!!!!

This month, I’m giving away The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living, which is a memoir of sorts, telling a story of folks leaving the city for, you guessed it, a more simple life.  Not only is it a fantastic tale of making this transition, the author “not only teaches the art of making biofuel, appliances, structures, gardens, food, and medicine but also presents reasons for makers to share their innovations and ideas through open source and creative commons licenses.”  Pretty cool, huh?

I was first entranced by, of all things, how it was put together.  I’ve never seen Smyth sewn binding until now, and it’s so cool because not only is the book all the more special, it’s a paperback that actually lays flat!  Rad rad rad!  But of course, what’s inside is most important, and for me I love a book that not only shares a story but actual useful tips so that each of us, no matter what shade of green we are, have ideas of how we can push ourselves just a bit further.  For this book, I dig the “Kitchen Tools” list.  You’ll be amazed at how short the list is! There’s tons of cool stuff in here…

So, wanna win it?  Here’s what I would love you to include in your comment pretty please…

* What is the most radical thing that you have always wanted to try but haven’t had the guts/time/whatever to attempt? 

* Whose lifestyle or way of doing things inspires YOU the most? 

* And, as always, check out one of my favorite blogs on the right side of this page and tell me why you think it’s EcoGrrl-icious!

I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, July 5th, so you’ve got plenty of time to think of something awesome to write!!



2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious: Book Giveaway!

  1. Hi. I am a new follower. 1. The most radical thing? Biking instead of driving an auto; 2. Whose lifestyle inspires me the most? Many people’s. Probably Jane Goodall’s life. 3. My favorite blog from your list is Reduce Footprints, because conservation and treating our Earth right is so very important. Please enter me in your awesome book giveaway. Thank you 🙂


  2. You have the best books! Hmm, a radical thing that scares me? I’ve kind of already done a very scary thing. Two years ago my husband and I decided he should quit his successful law practice so we could farm full time. Hard for me to come up with something else. 😉 However, I would love to start a Quaker meeting at my house. Liberal Quakers are very concerned about living a simple, eco-friendly, etc. life so it would be great to make some connections. But the commitment is a bit scary. Right now, Kristin and Mark Kimball (of The Dirty Life memoir) are pretty inspirational to me. I’ve check out some of your favorite blogs before – they’re all good and ecogrrl-icious! – but Move Eat Create is a new one for me. Yoga? Vegetarianism? Adventurous cooking and eating? Say no more. I’m always trying to improve on my homesteading and would love the book!


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