In strawberry heaven here - growing alongside the raised beds along the driveway (no car, no worries about fumes!)
In strawberry heaven – mine grow alongside some of my raised beds along the driveway so I have been loving them with breakfast, in salads, and soon to be somethin’ sweet…and no, I’m car-free, so no danger of car tires getting near!

Another whirlwind week, another big smile as it comes to an end and I know things continue to lead in a wonderful direction.  Yes, I’m in a happy place, diggin’ the ups and downs and frustrations and triumphs and everything in between.  Even on days where I stay awake til 3am wondering, wondering, I am living life in a constant evolution, feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin and acting on those all important instincts that tell me that what I’m doing is the right thing, and absorbing the lessons while exhaling out what I don’t need.

It’s a life that I never could have predicted, and wouldn’t trade for the world.  So on that, here are some things that inspired the heck out of me this week…

* “Accept the anxiety, embrace the deeper anguish—and then get apocalyptic.”  Isn’t that awesome?  I’m madly in love with Yes! magazine, especially their recent article Get Apocalyptic: Why Radical is the New Normal, acknowledging our fears and furies and encouraging us to dig deep and understand that “to get apocalyptic means seeing clearly and recommitting to core values.” There’s no time like the present to go straight for the bulleye in what’s important to you.

* And very much into Grist’s article, Bike culture: Not as white as you think, which destroys stereotypes about who’s into being out on two wheels,  reminding us of the financial savings involved in dumping the cars and embracing the bicycles, and how we can continue to increase accessibility to the bicycling lifestyle. Like they said, “it’s essential that this healthy, sustainable, and cheap transportation option become more accessible and appealing even to those who wouldn’t be caught dead in spandex”.  (Well, I’m already the last part of that statement.  Shoot me before I wear a matchy matchy, lump-revealing spandex ensemble on my bike!)

* Speaking of confronting the norms and getting radical, I’m diggin’ the blog post on A Daring Adventure entitled Your Doctor Isn’t An Expert,, which discusses the author’s experience dealing with Western medicine and the automatic prescription writing habits of many doctors out there, and marketing of drugs that have so many side effects yet people still take them blindly.  It’s not a “don’t go see doctors” post, it’s a call to open our eyes and think rationally about some of the advice we’re given.  If a pill ad is followed by two pages of side effect warnings, shouldn’t that be an obvious “duh this is not safe”?  Like he mentioned, if a car ad had two pages of warnings after the advertisement, would you rush out and buy it?

* Another reason to be proud of my status as a native Oregonian: our longtime congressman Senator Ron Wyden has introduced a hemp legislation amendment to the farm bill.

* On a lighter note, I found a new recipe this week on Treehugger for Strawberry-Blueberry Scones that automatically included a gluten-free substitution option.  With the coconut milk replacing the standard dairy in a scone (and I use Earth Balance for the butter), it took hardly any time to whip these up.  Super yum…and a great way to use up some of these strawberries!

* And for some final awesomeness?  The Festival of Flowers has begun as part of our annual Rose Festival tradition, and you gotta check out this year’s design just out in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Tattoo Portland. “The Square will be ‘inked’ with a giant heart composed of nearly 20,000 begonias, impatiens and pansies. Portland’s living room will be red hot with larger than life flames formed from marigolds and zinnias.” Awww, I love my hometown!


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