Thrilled to have just bought this new Z-Line range hood found on clearance. Click here to see why a range hood is so important for your health!
So thrilled to have just installed this new Z-Line range hood in my kitchen. Click here to read why a range hood is so important for  your health !

Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s been a fantabulous week for me, getting some great news from one client and starting work with another, not to mention the mostly gorgeous weather we’ve had!  After seven years, I finally got a range hood for my kitchen installed (woo hoo! clearance!) which you’ll see in the above photo, and I’m looking forward to washing, staining and sealing my deck this Easter weekend, where temps are expected to hit 70 for the first time this year.  AND I’ve decided to take my first trip to DC in 25 years, visiting my awesome blog sista and having lunch with the Obamas (okay that last part was obviously a lie).

How can I *not* be in a good mood?  Here are some awesome things I want to share with you on this good Friday 🙂

* Absolutely loving the volunteer work I’m doing to help out Lettuce Grow increase their presence here in Oregon.  Check out their blog to learn about their new programs – and for you Oregonians in Central & Eastern areas of the state?  Please spread the word about their need for volunteer gardening instructors!!

* Recently was turned onto Stumptown Forge here in the Portland area – check out their gorgeous handmade tools.  And yes, by golly, you can even learn to be a blacksmith at their school!  My fella is all over that idea!

* Oh, and yes, I’m on the last week of my 3 week elimination diet where I’ve eaten no gluten, dairy or eggs.  The next part begins Saturday where I reintroduce gluten for 5 days, and note how my body reacts to it (then dairy, then eggs).  The “gluten party” as my naturopath says, is what Saturday will look like, with pasta, bread, and – more pasta!  Let me tell you, gluten free pasta sucks.  Utterly gnarly. Anyhow, during this time I’ve fallen in love with a few recipe sites, especially ones that allow you to be G/D/E free and have desserts that aren’t made of a lot of “fake” ingredients (sorry, almond cheese, you’re just not the same…) – one in particular that I can’t wait to try this summer? Blueberry Pie with Lemon Thyme Crust. ’nuff said.

* This is a definite year of travel for me.  Along with my recent trip Down Under, and my upcoming trip to DC, my sweetie and I are going to grab a train up to my old stomping grounds of Seattle where I spent a significant part of my 20’s.  I’ve been gone for a little over 10 years now, but still have a very warm place in my heart for this town three hours north.  And with that, was very interested to read about the Idle No More  event in Yes! Magazine, where the relationship of people to water was highlighted, along with a protest of the coal trains coming through the area for shipment to Asia.  My heart is with y’all.

* I love love love this man’s story of learning to live with anxiety disorders and find natural ways, including yoga, to learn to alleviate some of the symptoms.  I tell ya, there’s nothing like getting attuned with the sound and feel of your breath to mellow yourself during those hard times.  It’s why I call my classes therapy rather than exercise :).


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