spotted along the road in Indented Head
spotted along the road in Indented Head, Victoria

Hola everyone!

I’m back in the good ol’ US of A and was so excited to return to daffodils coming up in the garden, tulips six or seven inches out of the ground and promising a ton of blooms this spring, garlic advancing nicely, and sunshine all around.  Of course it’s raining now as I write this, but hey, it was a nice welcome back greeting!

So, first and foremost, before I talk about my usual eco-geek things, I want to announce the winners of my two weeks’ worth of book giveaways!

**** Reinventing the Chicken Coop – congratulations to Carol from Southlake, Texas!

**** Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks – congratulations to Kelly from Pottsville, Arkansas!

And of course, thank you to EVERYONE who entered – y’all are awesome and I appreciate your stopping by my blog!!!

Now? Onto the groovy eco things I’ve recently encountered…

* Loving Doniree’s recent post on her “reset” – check out her 5 Day Juice Cleanse article.  She explains why, how, and lots more as it relates to her life, her diet, and how it affected her throughout the process.  She also shows how gorgeous a blog can truly be, with great formatting, photography, and her unique voice.  Rad.

* Totally LOVE the nature photos of Ireland’s Thilo Rusche – the one of the Wicklow Mountains?  Insanely gorgeous.  And I’m not just saying that because his company is one of my clients!  What I love about the folks I’ve worked with is how amazing they all are as well in the things they do away from their regular jobs – getting to know people is one of the many reasons I love what I do.

* A beautiful tribute to my native state of Oregon on Wayward Spark. Coming home from Australia, we flew right over the heart of Portland, including the lovely St Johns Bridge, and, more importantly, all of our big trees – something I always savor when returning from distant lands.  I was emotional upon my return home, from the quiet jazz playing in our uber-friendly airport (the opposite of LAX) to the easy conversation on the ride home with my friend Rachel, to being greeted by my neighbor and his daughter so they could show me how she took her first steps while I was away.  I love my home 🙂

* Very much looking forward to starting the new Coursera online class, Intro to Sustainability, next week.  Why “intro”, you ask?  I love the discipline involved in taking an academic course – it fills in the gaps of knowledge nicely, and introduces one to a global community of like-minded individuals you might not otherwise connect with.

* Soooo PDX – and beyond! Check out 10 Kinds of Food You Can Get Delivered By Bike – written by OPB but featuring places around the country.  And they include a nice shout-out to the good folks at Portland Pedal Power, who I use to deliver lunch to my hiring teams every time we fill a job.  Yummers.  Which reminded me that I’m ready to buy another thing that can get delivered by bike – a new mattress!  Groovy keen.

* And finally?  I just love that the Portland Fruit Tree Project and Village Gardens are partnering to create the first community orchard to North Portland!  I’ve written about my own participation with PFTP in past blog posts here and here – they are awesome!  Not familiar with them, local PDX’ers?  People open up their fruit trees and orchards to volunteer harvesters who donate half of their harvest to the local food banks, and give the other half to volunteers, as well as offering tree care and food preservation workshops.  It’s a blast and giving back all at the same time!


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