EcoGrrl-icious GIVEAWAY – Reinventing the Chicken Coop

Hey y’all!

While I’m out, I thought y’all deserved to have some fun as well…

The good folks at Storey Publishing have blessed me with a copy of Reinventing the Chicken Coop, a beautiful new book with 14 clever DIY plans for housing flocks from teeny tiny to generous, from beginner to advanced, from the mobile to the stationary.

Psst – click on the image above to learn more about the book!

My favorites?  They lie squarely in the intermediate level – the Chick-in-a-Box with it’s unique shape and water catchment system, and the Pallet Box with it’s completely repurposed list of materials.  While I’d love to keep this for myself, I thought the readers who have done so much for me in supporting my blog deserve it more!

So – you want it?  You want it for FREE?  OK here are the hoops I’d like you to jump through to win:

Leave me a comment with the following…

1) If you have chickens, tell me their names.  Don’t got chickens yet?  Then tell me what you’ll be calling the chickens who will live in one of these coops you’re gonna build from this book’s ideas!

2) Share something YOU think is EcoGrrl-icious (and why).

3) Finally, visit one of my favorite blogs listed in the right hand column, then as part of your comment, tell me what you thought was cool about their blog.  Hey, it’s about community – share the love!

Ready – Set – GO!   I’ll announce the winner in my March 8 EcoGrrl-icious column.

Note: Giveaway is open to US residents only.


10 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious GIVEAWAY – Reinventing the Chicken Coop

  1. We do not have chickens yet, but less than two weeks ago moved into our new house. We have a large yard and the former people that lived here had chickens. We’ve always wanted them, so we are going to take the plunge! As far as names go, I think it’s hard to say until you see their individual personalities. However, something like Sassy and Moxie would be fun. I visited this blog – – I really enjoyed all of the information on birds. Our new yard has several different types of birds, so I can’t wait to learn more about them and start feeding them and planing things that make more of them pour into our yard. I think something EcoGrrl-icious is planing our own yard and raising our chickens to lay eggs! It’s so important to eat as local as possible and organic. A lot of our new neighbors also have gardens – we will be exchanging produce with them so nothing goes to waste. I’m also going to teach myself to can so I can enjoy veggies and fruits from the yard year around. In the past I’ve sun dried extra tomatoes or make sauce with over ripe ones and I’ve really enjoyed it. I love to cook!!


  2. We don’t have chickens yet, so my girls would likely name them after cartoon characters!

    We are pretty eco-friendly, but want to grow more of our own food – I think that’s pretty EcoGrrl-icious!

    I visited the Food in Jars blog. I love canning, so it’s great to be able to discover new recipes!


  3. 1) Attila the Hen, Pidgeotto (Pidge), and Ruby. The first is because my boyfriend loves bad puns; the second because my housemate wanted to rename the chicken as it grew as if it were a pokemon evolving; the third because I wanted to make learning Ruby the language less scary.

    2) Where Eco and Licious probably meet is homegrown carrots.

    3) gave me pictures of winter, which I miss pretty badly right now in the winter-less Portland, OR.


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