Where I Be Chillin’ (part one)

on a quick little siesta so here are some shots capturing a few memories from our first days in melbourne…

several hours at the royal botanic gardens
absolutely loved these paths in the gardens…
happened to be admiring this mural at ceres as the painter was strolling by…fan-tastic!
the nursery at ceres made me soooo psyched for spring planting back home!
entrance to ceres environment park
our hotel, the charsfield, has been incredible
how can you not dig a man who is equally if not more obsessive about the natural world?
phenomenal breakfast at mart 130 on the tracks in middle park… our waitress was from seattle…
“look wistfully away” my sweetheart says (amongst the bamboo in the RBG)
escaping to the seashore in middle park to dip our feet in the water on a hot day…by the way, i absolutely LOVE this neighborhood…
great coffee and bites at monk bodhi dharma in st kilda…not to mention killer interior, energy, and walking down a little alley to find it tucked away…very non-assuming and friendly – and perfect to do a bit of writing as well!
the little details along the fenceline at ceres


4 thoughts on “Where I Be Chillin’ (part one)

  1. Beautiful – all of it!!! You look so in your element, my friend! Remember to take pictures of birds and trees for your friend Maurie! Good start so far! I’m sure the waitress being from Seattle was just another gentle reminder to do that too! ; P


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