I can see you, that little bit of hope.

Where did it all come from, this light and day, miles from them, miles from the way I used to feel.

I remember waking in a cold sweat. Hiding in a corner, shaking, captured. The way I breathed, laughed out loud, brought energy into a room as the walls closed in…

That was a yesterday, a song left behind, my legacy wandering through the forest.

See my mess of words?
See my delight and awkward confusion?
See how I see you,
forgive you
bless you

All where my heart stretches I am clean, pure.

I fall on the branches, the ground, the tip of your tongue.

I am not but a memory.


dverse open link night


2 thoughts on “(now)

  1. smiles…i love snow..i wish we got some…holding out hope there…this is much more than snow though…some evocative lines..the all where my heart stretches line…really cool…the rather suffocating lines…there is a neat madness to them…


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