Weekend in Pictures

Huh? Look closely. See that white door? This 1940’s home was being bulldozed on my street and the demolition guy was kind enough to pull off two awesome old doors out of the house for me to rescue. Sweet repurposing project to come, y’all!!
saw cloud atlas – what an awesome, interesting, funny, intriguing, touching movie.  great to watch halle berry, tom hanks, hugo weaving, hugh grant, and many more show us their acting chops (not to mention the killer jobs the makeup artists did in transforming them).
planted my cover crops on the last dry day before the rains returned – whew! this year trying out crimson clover for the first time. i’m a bit late but my friend said not too late, so this should cover up my beds nicely and add lots of nutrients to the soil.
Check out this awesome steampunk art piece made from found metal objects by Jennifer Campbell, bought at the Siren Nation festival’s craft fair today at Kennedy School. Awesome event for local women artists! Three of my photographs were selected for their show back in 2009 and I had a blast!
And a sneak peek at holiday cards my good friend Pam of Dylanbug Designs makes – also picked up at the fair along with a gorgeous new ornament for this year’s tree (yes I am contemplating actually having a tree this year!). I kept her company at her table all afternoon and enjoyed being around all the great women like her sharing their art (& not having to hear holiday music – they chose Billie Holiday, nice!)
Totally was digging seeing my longtime blog sista Ashley’s A Year of Pies displayed at a local kitchen store. They don’t have online shopping so here’s a link to you non-PDXers of where to buy it!
And, last but not least, my final harvest from the raised beds – my crop of sweet potatoes.  It was interesting this year and it’s sadly obvious which type did the best in size! Last year I got one tiny tater, so we’ll look at this as a success – I’m slowly but surely improving (window cold frames over the beds = a big help!!). Yum.

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. going to go and see cloud atlas next weekend, i think. looking forward to it.

    good on you and the kindly demo guy for helping you out and putting good stuff to good use.


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