i’ve shared the above photo many times.  it’s one that i have in a 16×20 frame in my home, captured a few years back when she was still feelin’ her oats.  it gives me peace.  she was my best friend and today i miss her in a way that is visceral.

my dog has been dead for two weeks and i cannot spread her ashes.  they sit in a small tin on the table next to her pawprint and a terrarium.  i am not ready.

today i looked at old photos and found this, the front version of the picture i just showed you.  she made me the happiest girl, just her sweetness and silliness.

may you all have the blessing of having had (or have) a good dog like daisy.


4 thoughts on “aftershocks

  1. I have had a dog like this. More than once. The first is only a picture in mind and remembered in writing. I wish I had a photo. (((((((()))))))))


  2. I miss her too… I cried so much that day two weeks ago. I’m so glad I got a chance to meet her in person that one time. I love these pictures of the two of you!


  3. I haven’t been reading blogs lately – somehow life has gotten in the way. I’m so sorry to hear about Daisy. I have a dog that I love dearly – she is my constant companion – I cannot imagine how painful it would be to lose her. I know no words are adequate to comfort you but my thoughts are with you.


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