Weekend in Pictures

Damn, it was hot.

Canned my first batch of homemade pickled cherries using a recipe from this.                     (thanks neighbor!)
amazingly, my first french pumpkin. and? from seeds from one picked 2 years ago. too early for halloween?
bought a ton more woolly thyme to continue adding groundcover – i LOVE this stuff -great underfoot
totally awesome. ribs & apple-ginger hard cider by angry orchard. didn’t make up for 102, but was nice.
tomato land in early morning
before the heat came in, roasted marshmallows with my friend and her daughters in the fire pit in the back – fun!
first yellow sunflower blooming!
my girl’s pawprint that came with her ashes
um – air conditioning? not so much this weekend. but better than nothing.
happy hour sliders at breakside…yum…
this morning…house too hot so dozed in the chaise lounge for a bit til i was ready to get up for real…

One thought on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. Knot ties up in my heart and moves to my throat at footprint…

    What can i say, your garden plants are beautiful, your cherries, ymmmmmm, but your girl has me on this one.


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