Garden Crawl II

Back in May, our NE Portland Homesteaders group did a Garden Crawl, and had a great time getting to know each other, seeing other people’s gardens, and of course getting lots of inspiration.  So we thought, why not catch up again when things were up and running in our gardens – see how everything had evolved a few months later, and get some new ideas?

Due to the weather forecast (hey, we out here in the NW are sensitive…and without air conditioning), we started out a bit earlier than normal at my house after getting some sustenance from the lovely ladies at Cafe Eleven.  A few new people joined the group thanks to the article in the local paper, which made it even more fun, and our last stop was under the arbor in one of our participant’s gardens, complete with iced tea, snacks, and a mister keeping us cool as it hit just under 90 by 11am.

After this?  A harvest dinner, of course, sometime this fall, where we’ll each make something from our gardens.  But in the meantime, here are some of the things that made me smile today…

Nothing like parasols to protect from the sun!
look closely in gardens and you’ll see some interesting textures and colors…even in the heat of the day…
we were welcomed by a very sweet girl belonging to one of our gardeners
loved the beautiful color and black eyed susans with the happiest bees around
totally awesome bike parking structure in the garden
gonna gotta get me a rain chain – love this aesthetic
okay so I thought MY sunflowers were tall. these ones? dang!
can’t remember what these seedpods were called…can anyone help me with this?
back under my favorite grape arbor, this time with the fruit going crazy. uber inspiration.
kind of alien but gorgeous, isn’t it?
and rocking in the hammock under the arbor – i could have (if they let me) fallen asleep right then & there 🙂
completely love this garden art!
talk about a happy place…my how this garden evolved over 10 weeks!
love the textures & colors around the water and how peaceful it looks
talk about an entry to chicken land. sigh…
finishing off the Crawl with cool drinks and good company – perfecto!



3 thoughts on “Garden Crawl II

  1. When I had a house, I always wanted a drain chain. I love the aesthetics of them, and form follows function, right :). The garden crawl looks fun and I LOVE Black Eyed Susans. Don’t know about the pod. Kind of reminds me of Passion Fruit vine, but I don’t think that’s it.


  2. the harvest feast is certainly the thing to look forward to. we’re in the turning time, aren’t we? but aren’t we always? even now the ferns turn yellow and the geese gather. i mean, holyhell, it was just weeks ago it seems that berries began and soon it will be time to close the windows. even tonight i wear a sweater as i type this, just home from a walk. i spoke with my son (at his dad’s in ohio) and told him soon it will be time for me to bake cookies. really, he asked. really. my children will return and it will be time for bounty on the table.

    (with no garden of my own this year, the move so hectic, i sit now and eat from a bag of beans i bought at a mennonite farm. so delicious. so rewarding.)

    as i always tell you, i like how you live)))



  3. What great gardens! The seed pod looks like Nigella (love in a mist). The harvest feast sounds like an awesome idea. Something to consider is everyone brings the recipe or list of ingredients for what they make as well. This makes it easier for anyone with certain food allergies to know what they can safely eat and helps everyone add a new favorite recipe to their larder!


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