Weekend in Pictures

found these on my front porch on friday afternoon after we said goodbye to daisy – lovely flowers picked by the girls at the cafe across the street i love
it’s as if i see my pup everywhere (last time at the cafe, friday morning) – it’s too quiet, too too quiet at home.
my coneflowers (echinacea) are loving the beautiful summer weather here in Portland
lovely Saturday morning bike ride to meet a friend for Cuban breakfast at Pambiche…huevos a la Cubana and cafe con leche, mmm. (photo credit)
hiding away from the world watching a dvd of an old favorite, back to the future
they won’t stop growing, so i put the brakes on and trimmed back about half the plant…time to start baking ‘n’ freezing my spelt zucchini bread 🙂
loving my li’l george foreman bbq – no eco debates over gas vs charcoal, and i lovvvvve the kookoolan farms chicken sold at new seasons, grilled with some good bbq sauce and set atop some greens from the garden
finding my latest care package from my sweet fella down under in my mailbox made me giggle – loving this linen shopping bag (this photo doesn’t do it justice), kitschy yet classic (perfect for carting around my journal and library books on the bike as I did today).
completely diggin’ this hat i just splurged on (hey, good hats are hard to find as i got a big noggin!), it’s by local business flipside hats & is super eco-rific

One thought on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. I am sad about the silence. There is no loss like that of a companion. ((((((((((((((((Sorry)))))))))))).

    (I LOVE the name Daisy. It’s one of my nick names for my Jane. A play on Daisy chain. Daisy Jane.)

    haha! I might be YOUR stalker :). Naturally, I wanna know where your fella is from after seeing the care package!

    Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat. Jane and I both need one :). Gonna see if about making that happen.


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