SOLVE In Pictures

A little visual of my Saturday with SOLVE at the Beach Cleanup at Gleneden Beach…

heading down the path to the beach…we left portland’s torrential rains and  found…what?   no rain?  huh?  we were all stocked with ponchos, boots, etc. – yay for wearing layers!
my coworker found the first major piece of garbage this chair, as his wife and son look on in admiration .  it was great that they make this a family event – everyone helps!
even a few sunbreaks during the day…we were lovin’ it!
some of the things i love about the oregon coast…at one point me and a coworker’s daughters did some jump rope with ’em 🙂
my friend was all bundled up for a cold rainy day, heehee…we used buckets and bags to pick up small stuff – you wouldn’t believe all the tiny pieces of styrofoam along the tide’s edge and where fires once were (i also found rope, broken glass, random pieces of plastic, and an empty can of silly string)
this is why i came
oh and i have the thing for cool rocks and how the ocean and wind shape them….came home with a handful of little rocks, including a few agates which i adore…
these two found this ridiculously huge styrofoam buoy…ugh!
and i got the girls all silly with the marine life 🙂
afterwards i snapped these silly grins
and got goofy with breadsticks at the lunch following…
a clean beach -that’s what we want.  the number one thing picked up off of beaches?  cigarette butts. EW.   one cool thing that was found?  a message in a bottle in japanese (we are preparing for more tsunami related items to wash up on shore here in oregon…read about the ghost ship that’s north of us…).


4 thoughts on “SOLVE In Pictures

  1. When I was still living in Florida, I loved taking my kids to do beach clean up. They thought of it as a treasure hunt and it helped give them a love for the planet. And those cigarette butts were everywhere. Yuck!


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