Weekend in Pictures (this is what spring should be…)

the evening was blue, maxfield parrish blue, as i walked home…all i could think of  was my favorite painting, stars. after a week where my mind was all over, this – THIS – is what i needed
the sun, the SUN! saturday the sun was everywhere, so bright my camera didn’t know what to do with the daffodils…it was 65 degrees and it might as well have been 80 for us stumptowners whose skin was so sensitive to the light…but you know what’s great? we take nothing for granted.  legs are bare, people are in their yards, out on their bikes, and smiling at each other. kinda awesome.
my flowers are beginning to wake up and i couldn’t be happier…
…and the rhubarb is making me dream of a few months from now when my strawberries are red and the stalks of rhubarb are longer…can you say jam?
a few great albums snagged for a couple bucks…nothing more i love than cookin’ to good tunes…
my buddy is building a trellis for my tomatoes…the rebuilding center  makes me go into fits of anxiety even though i love what it’s all about, so i took him along to pick out the scrap wood he’ll be using.  got all the wood and more scraps for a raised bed for only $20. sweet!
collard greens, freshly harvested from the pot on the front porch…hallelujah…
and the next morning, after my usual (breakfast around the corner and some journal writin’), i walked to the gym and caught these lovelies in full bloom…the early spring is always so energizing, and the cherry blossoms are sweet to my smile… 
the sky had some blue for a bit, and as i passed the zen buddhist temple, i looked up
later, rode over to mee-sen on mississippi for some really kick  ass thai lunch with a friend
photo credit
ended the day at the better living show, where my favorite local artist tamara adams had a booth (and now sells the most beautiful cards), so i picked up a little somethin’ somethin’  🙂
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  1. March 26, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    That picture of the sky is gorgeous! And rhubarb, oh rhubarb! I can't wait for my CSA to start! I usually get two weeks of rhubarb…yum!


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