Weekend in Pictures

while denver and london and other places shiver in the cold and those in the southern hemisphere sweat in the dead heat of summer in february, this weekend here in stumptown it made it into the 50’s…and y’all, it was two days to be taken advantage of.  i’m so exhausted i can barely keep my eyes open, yet in such a happy way i wanted to share a wee bit of it with y’all…
good morning my pretty snowdrops, i love how you are the first ones out of the ground each year!
my first tree, planted with my own two hands  –  this is a glory bower i put in my parking strip (the tree of heaven was removed and the city requires replanting, even if you have removed an invasive species).  so, my saturday started out with my friend who owns the nursery around the corner being kind enough to deliver it to my house since i don’t have a car (and boyyy was it heavy).  yay 🙂
the internet shows that the blooms will look like this – pretty amazing huh?  and it ‘s nicknamed the ‘peanut butter and jelly tree’ because i guess when you rub the trees it smells like peanut butter!  my friend at the nursery said the scent of the tree overall is a very heady jasmine-like scent…i can’t wait !!!
with scrap wood in my garage (the long sides are leftover pieces from when my deck was built two years ago, the short sides were just in my garage when i built the house), i built another raised bed which i set in the grass divider between my driveway and my neighbor’s.  the soil in the ground is really bad (we’ve tried two years in a row and it’s just lame), plus it’s the only un-curb-appeal part of our properties, so this is a step i the right direction.  not pictured, in front of the bed, is a yellow rose bush, rescued before the tree of heaven came down – it’s a very old bush that the tree had literally grown into, and so i’m hoping this primo spot will let it thrive 🙂
walked over to the nursery and picked up heirloom danver carrot seeds from high mowing seeds…can’t wait to try these…
received my dvd of yin yoga which i tried out on saturday evening.  i’ve had a lot of challenges in quieting my mind these last few months, and a mentor of mine recommended i start meditating, and it was the nudge i needed to re-start my yoga practice.  my body is not as long and lean as it used to be, and certain poses i don’t just slip right into anymore.  recently, it’s kept me away from doing yoga at all, as i felt ashamed of myself for letting my body slip.  yin yoga is more of the hatha yoga style mixed with meditation, which is exactly what i wanted – if i want to do sun salutations, i’ll go to a class, but this is something just for me, just for my peace of mind (the body serving as partner). the intro by eckhart tolle is irritatingly awful but kim eng is great and the voiceover is fantastic (peaceful, good reminders, soothing).  i had a few emotional moments – another reason to do this at home – but overall ended the practice feeling very very where i needed to be.  quieting the mind is an ongoing challenge, this helps.
and at the end of the day, a cider at the pub around the corner , along with a chipotle grilled cheese?  just the way to finish off a really productive day.  okay and after yoga?  i was schnockered after just one cider.  hmph.
got about 50 pages into this awesome book sent to me as part of my birthday gift from down under…if i wasn’t so tired i probably would’ve stayed up half the night reading it 🙂
sunday morning, even with sore legs from saturday’s gardening, found me at the green microgym on my favorite piece of equipment, the elliptical.  40 minutes on this baby burns 500+ calories.  pretty freakin’ awesome. and i love how my gym is so easygoing.  use my card to get in, turn on the fan above my machine, flip on satellite radio to the station of my choice as i’ve got the gym to myself (no one’s up at 8:30 on a sunday morning in my ‘hood, hahaha), enter in my supportland card to get points for my workout, and get to sweatin’.  even did arms today.  yes, i’m sayin’ it – yay me.  especially since the satellite radio’s ’80’s new wave’ disappointed with cradle of love and, one of the worst songs of all time, sowing the seeds of love.
i love that greens can be grown in the winter.  what i don’t love?  that i  keep forgetting which pot has the kale and which has the collards – they literally look exactly the same at this stage 🙂
then i headed out in the zipcar to get a bunch of mulch from portland nursery and a few bags of compost for the new beds (i emptied out my compost bin into the existing beds in the fall so i’m still cookin’ the next batch), and wandering around all the skeletons of trees (i always think of skeletons when trees are bare), i fell madly in love with this dwarf peach tree.  it only grows 6′ tall and is self fertile, how cool is that!!!  now? need to find an affordable and attractive pot to put it in – that’ll be a much bigger challenge as pots are sooo expensive.
oh yeah did i tell you my neighborhood nursery sold me this columnar apple tree the other day?  nothing to look at right now but when it grows it should look like this
and the most fun of my weekend?  painting my 300 gallon rain cistern that i bought a couple months ago as a present for myself (yes this is how i ‘treat’ myself).  someone walked by as i was doing the initial spray painting of it from it’s original ugly brown to sky blue, and asked where the daisies went – i giggled as i realized my little rain barrel became kind of a staple for my house ever since i built and installed it back in 2009.  (click HERE for some before shots).  this was a super easy, super cheap project – 3 cans of spray paint, a sample size can of white paint, a small paintbrush, and a silver marker to draw the raindrops. it makes me happy just to look at it (giggle). perfect end to a sunshiny weekend…
although this ROCKED.  love love love me some madonna.   is it strange that i remember where i was when  i bought her first cassette tape in a drugstore along with cyndi lauper’s she’s so unusual at the tender age of nine?  the next year i started middle school and my music choices were everywhere from pop to new wave to this new thing called rap.  but mo?  she’s been a constant for -christ! – nearly 30 years.  like an older sister to me in a strange way, i’ve looked up to her, i’ve empathized with her, i’ve danced to her both in the clubs and in a uniform (my high school dance team won a championship based on a medley of open your heart, into the groove, material girl, & dress you up), i’ve seen her struggle, i’ve seen her take the heat, i’ve seen her evolve.  i was nervous for her with this strange type of audience but – with exception of the initial vogue performance, loved it.  her now song – totally rad. i wanna boogie.

3 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. you're a busy girl. yup, you're doing it. you're not talking about it. you're doing it. feels pretty darned fine, eh?

    i ran through about a foot and half of snow today for a couple miles. my ass is baked now:) i don't know how many calories running like that eats but if only i could stop eating the chips, i think i'd be further along:) i look forward to the coming seasons for fresher fruit. that will help!



  2. Exhausted now – work totally and unfortunately brought me back down to earth. But hey it allows me to do this right?

    Freeze berries in summer! I am sooooo happy i did -the blueberries are still perfect yesterday that i picked in july 🙂

    Look forward to hearing of your USA exploits!


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