Let the Obsession begin…

Well, I admit, I’ve got the itch.  Dang.  While my job has me moving so fast that I’ve barely got time to think, in those random moments that I did wander off mentally, it was to think about all I have to do this weekend as the temps are expected to be in the sunny low 50’s.  Dang.

You know how some gals splurge on a new mascara to ‘treat’ themselves at the store?  Not me.  (Well, I’ve never been a mascara girl – could never fully comprehend coating my eyelashes so I always ended up picking it off.  But you get my drift, right?).  Me – I bought seeds to grow Amish Snap Peas.

It gets worse.  After getting home tonight, rather than sit down and decompress for a smidge, I went out to the garage, flipped on the light (big kudos by the way to former owners who wired my 1925 detached garage, heehee), and plucked my aging ziplock to bring into the house.  Immediately I opened it up and spread out all of its contents onto the kitchen counter….all my seeds in all their glory, just begging for consideration in this year’s garden.

Each year I do something a little different.  Last year it was Tomato Heaven, with 20+ plants, mostly San Marzanos, with a few yellow grapes for good measure. The latter grew over seven feet tall, requiring serious macgyver-ing to keep the 5′ cages from toppling.  I’ve been procrastinating on building a contraption for them, fortunately a few more months to go on that.  But in the meantime?  Plant peas at St Patty’s Day, as the adage goes. So this weekend I’m contemplating building something where I can start with peas and finish with tomatoes in my main L shaped raised bed.  Skipped shell peas last year as they are pretty land intensive for how much I love peas, so am going to just do a few snaps for snackin’.

Ah yes, then my foray into the world o’ trees begins this year.  My friend who runs the local nursery around the corner from me is bringing by my glory bower tree (kind of impossible to get a tree in it’s planter home by bike…) and then I’ve got to start committing to fruit for the others. Columnar apples are quite tempting as I don’t have a ton of space left for full crazy sized trees, as is a dwarf cherry we’ve been talking about.  Hmm.  Too much to think about gives me inaction, so hopefully my friend will help me decide 🙂

Then there’s building stuff.  I’ve got a sloping section between the driveways of myself and my neighbor. We both hate it, and things have a hard time growing things out of the existing soil.  Sunflowers, no problem, however i would like something not seven feet tall and more, well, useful.  So it’s time to build some type of bed, or columnars and full landscaping.  It makes me tired to think of it.  But it’s a good tired.

Oh and finally? There’s the non dirt-under-fingernails work.  Feeding my growing rhody bush.  Painting my 300gal cistern something happy and summery.  Clean up the garage.  Try not to put out the lawn furniture already.  Be a tried-and-true Oregonian and show off my pasty white legs at the first spot of sunshine 🙂

Lots more to think about but this is my start.  Oh yeah, and carrot seeds.  Mmm, carrots.  Can’t plant enough of those I don’t think. And I digress…


6 thoughts on “Let the Obsession begin…

  1. it's all exciting, isn't it? and you are so committed. i can't imagine what your garden will yield this year. but not for me, i'm afraid. this year the garden will grow over. i'm putting this house up for sale and moving south with the children. whenever immigration is sorted we'll be in the states. it'll be a whole new way of living, new/old since i did it once, but i'm a different person now. will i keep a garden there? right now, i can't imagine yes or no. but there's a whole lot to happen before then.



  2. well at least they keep 🙂 just picked up some new heirloom carrot seeds from my local nursery, if it stays mild i'll plant these in a few weeks – i checked my beds today and they are SO happy with the compost i'd tossed in (when it hadn't quite decomposed i put it on the beds and covered them this winter and it truly is black gold!!)


  3. you know…that is way cool with those heirloom/non hybrid seeds…years ago when i had a garden as such we would plant all sorts of strange things like black tomatoes, russian sunflowers and these weird looking lettuces which i forgot the name of, but loved to eat…best thing was as you well know, you could collect the seeds and d the same thing over next season!
    Work that land…its a damn good feelin' 🙂


  4. Oh I'm so ready to plant a garden. Around here, we've had some nice days and it really makes me want to get out there but I'm afraid it's still a bit early. But it sure doesn't stop me from planning and getting ready! Hey, I just a read an article that you might be interested in … it includes a bit about a moveable, vertical growing “rack” of sorts. Here's the link:
    It's going to be so much fun to see how your garden and yard evolves this year! 🙂


  5. the glory of the seeds. i like it. i have dreams of tending a garden someday. my track record ain't so good, but if you are getting excited in the beginning of february, i imagine that means good things for what the garden will look like in july.


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