feelin’ spunky again…

i gotta say, the bug has finally bitten.  for a little while i had been strangely nervous about the onset of spring.  i know, crazy huh.  i think it had more to do with other stresses in my life that have recently melted away, and as the weather has been amazingly mild here in the pacific northwest, the thoughts that spring is just around the corner and all the things there are to do?  well, a list is already writing itself.  plant the garlic cloves.  weed the yard.  ziptruck-loads of blended soil and mulch for the garden. plant the new glory bower tree, select and plant fruit trees (considering columnar apples…).  oh yes, i could go on.  so, while i plot my next moves, here are some of my favorite things of my past gardens i’ll share…

peas reaching for the sky…
hiding out by green bean trellis – something very peaceful sitting in there…
climbing beans made it 6′ high, gotta love it…
inside my cinderblock raised beds, overflowing with nasturtium borders
springtime garlic harvest, yeah baby…
my wall o’ sunflowers…that due to my house being north, face my neighbors 🙂


5 thoughts on “Anticipation!!!

  1. i come away from this with a strange sensation. maybe i should back up. i woke up this morning seeing myself pull back the covers. covers up. covers back. over and over again. and through this post i see us with seasons, covers up, covers back, a simple repetition year after year. but in the tending of the soil comes something new. we are small and transitory, and just as certainly, we remain mostly insignificant, but at least in this living there is an honesty of touching the real world. i leave wondering, what is this life? i see you in your garden. i know how you live through it and how you carry it into your kitchen and how it becomes a part of you. what is this life? only this. i laugh. there is both joy and melancholy in this.

    i'm so glad you garden. could you imagine your life otherwise?



  2. Erin…yes it's hard not to imagine my life without a garden in some way/shape/form- makes me mad i have to go to work! The evolution from a few pots in the driveway to today makes me excited to get more creative this year, and has helped me focus on what i love most in edibles..always a work in progress, like me 🙂


  3. Ed-gracias! I still have several heads of garlic…i love how one clove makes a new head …gardening is like making magic to me -always stunned when something actually grows, never gets old 🙂


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