Friday Glimpse

“your time is limited.  don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”
~ steve jobs

today i felt relief, confidence, peace, joy.  not bad for a friday.  the first day of a four day weekend that happens to include a holiday for many.

to bore you just a bit, i thought i’d do my day in pictures in an agenda fashion…

7:30am – woke up, happy not to work, glad the days are officially now getting longer.

8:00am – visited the chickens next door that i’m looking after, fed some dandelion leaves, plucked 2 eggs

8:30am – headed downtown on my bike, stopping at the nopo library to return a book by susan sontag (sorry, but in america came across to me as very self-indulgent crap, not interesting at all, never finished it) and enjoyed the lack of other cyclists along vancouver avenue into town.  felt my ears turning into little cubes of ice as i’d forgotten my chenille headband to cover them up. tunes included sinead o’connor, maxi priest, and inxs.

photo credit

9:15am – met a dear friend visiting from the east coast at bijou cafe, a nondescript little place with true eco soul and an oregon crab & feta omelet to bring you to your knees.  great to see her after 2 years away, and of course not nearly enough time to possibly cover everything 🙂

10:30am – headed uptown to nob hill for a hair appointment, stopping on the way to get some closure on a personal situation that i tried to justify but that never made sense and i quickly came back to my senses.  i felt my strength in every vein and the confidence from doing what was right for my life.

i suck at the self portrait via my cell but here’s a peek post-salon. of course , tomorrow it will look completely different since it won’t be blown out and ‘just so’, haha.

11:00am – chop chop chop!  a much needed haircut of about 4″ with my fave girl at davis street salon.  love the feeling of the weight coming off my shoulders – literally and figuratively 🙂 and i trust her completely with my hair – that’s the best.  lately i’ve been into feeling a big tomboyish and depending on how i do my hair when it’s short, it can look girlie or tomboy-y…and best of all?  no tangles evah…

photo credit

12:30pm – coasted around nw 23rd and picked up a great garden pail with dividers for my various goodies (i can’t stand toolbelts with everything touching me…never liked backpacks either!), before heading down to saturday market for the second to last day of the market in 2011…


and i went to the booth of my favorite artist, tamara adams, and in my silly starstruck mode on a beautiful friday afternoon, snapped up three pieces (top photo) to go in my bedroom, and her generosity made me humble, as she sent me home with the two squares and vertical piece as gifts!  i was overwhelmed with her kindness.  she suggested someday i commission her to do an original piece…now that be something to save up for, kids 🙂

oh, and a little pretty simple ring…i’ve never been one for super gaudy and this thin sterling silver was too pretty to pass up for such a small price…

1:30pm – i alight onto the train, my bike so precariously stuffed with art and garden that i didn’t want to risk this on a hill…but something about a quiet train ride in the winter sun, i couldn’t complain…

the blur through the train window as we passed through old town to cross the bridge over to the east side, where i am once again, home.

2:00pm – i get off the train early with my bike and, even with my bags, am feeling a calling to a place i like to go on ecogrrl days like today, so i head down killingsworth to albina and hang a right, going til it turns into mississippi and stopping at pastaworks, for a lovely glass of syrah and my favorite sandwich on earth – salami and manchego and roasted marinated red peppers.  heaven.

twas so bright from the sun coming in the window, my sammie didn’t even photograph nice 😦

i picked up a bottle of white wine and some sweet potatoes to start planning for my dish for sunday’s dinner at a friend’s house, and headed home.

and later…

gift from a friend…i love love love red tulips 🙂



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