Cold Frame-ish

 voila!  while power tools aren’t my forte, i am slowly but surely getting better at using my friend the cordless drill, and today i used it to create a cold frame out of my two old living room windows that were recently replaced with super groovy energy star windows.  these babies had been on my house for 86 years – they definitely deserved repurposing!  inspired by the lovely miz ashley english of small measures, who wrote a post on making cold frames from old windows, this is my starter version.

see the edge of my raised bed in the top right corner of the picture above?  i’ve got several of these, made from cinderblocks, which are awesome at insulating from the side.  so the plan for this coldframe is to have it atop one of the beds, so that i can get a kickstart on my peppers for next year. i’ve had a banner tomato year, but with exception of the hot peppers and a so-so crop of sweet peppers, most of the sweets are still green here in mid-october, and even some are still blossoming.  sigh.

now some of you will say “hey that’s OK, you’ve got green peppers”.  well,  notsomuch.  i hate green peppers.  ugh!  reds make me happy, yellows and oranges do too, but greens are pretty awful in my book (along with purple/chocolate ones, gnarly!!).

so yep, this was my whoop-dee-doo project today.  all it took was my drill, L-shaped connector thingies from the hardware store, and some mild cursing, and here ya have it.  oh, you noticed there’s no top, did ya?  well the other two smaller windows i had (from the kitchen window that was replaced) turned out to be not wide enough to hinge at the top, so until i figure out next steps (search out another window, just use plastic, or…?), it will sit here and remind me that if nothing else, i can connect four sides of wood together 🙂

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