Serrano pepper jelly

i was never a girl who liked spicy things when i was younger.  fortunately, that’s changed.  not terrible spice, but just enough to make you notice the flavor.  for me, my favorite has always been the serrano pepper.  just a bit hotter than the jalapeno, it’s the perfect sweet and spicy if done right.  camarones al ajillo is my trademark, inspired after my trip to barra de potosi nearly three years ago, but this year i’ve revived an old favorite – my serrano pepper jelly.  just before the mexico trip, the man i was dating gave me some beautiful peppers he had roasted, and i found this recipe to use them that yes, has a ton of sugar, but man, is it lovely.  i love a dollop of it over cornbread, myself.  happy sigh…

serrano pepper jelly (makes 3 half pints)

6 roasted homegrown serrano or other spicy peppers, 
5 cups organic sugar
3/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup champagne or white wine vinegar
2 large homegrown italian sweet or other bell peppers
6 oz packet liquid pectin

in a large saucepan, bring sugar and vinegars to a boil under medium heat, stirring.  in a food processor, chop the sweet and spicy peppers (leave a few seeds in for some oomph).  stir the pepper mixture into the vinegar/sugar mixture and simmer, skimming the froth, for 10 minutes.  stir in the pectin and boil rapidly for one minute.  skim once more, then transfer the jelly to jars and process as you would other jellies.  

(note – recipe can be doubled + makes a great gift)

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