the garden of happies

i don’t know what else to say other than after a hard day – or an easy day – there is nothing better than coming home.  this morning i started the book the world without us and became so instantly obsessed that i decided to take the bus rather than ride my bike to work.  whaaaa?  basically, the half hour bus ride is a perfect escape into a book, something for some reason i’m not good about doing at home.  ok where was i going with this…ah, now i remember.  getting off the bus, turning the corner onto my street and seeing my neighbor, her little boy, and their dog, and having that wonderful easy conversation about nothing in particular.  he is two and has become quite the chatterbox and runs at me to hug my leg, what a mad crush i have on him! we all walk towards my house as they are having their walk, and he runs about my yard, trying to get at the cat that likes to hide under my deck, eating some blueberries off the vine with me, and then taking off like a rocket down the street as his mum and the pup try to keep up. after seeing the first of my sunflowers beginning to unfold (seven feet tall, baby), i walk into the house, dump my stuff down, slip on a sundress, and it’s almost a race out to the backyard between my pup and myself.  okay well she’s gotta pee.  me?  i just want to see the latest, catch up with the beauties back there.  gather the tomatillo vines that are going astray, check in on the sweet potatoes beginning to blossom, ooh and ahh over the 20+ tomato plants whose fruit is starting to go from green to orange to…wheeeee! and the peppers this year, almost 3 feet tall serrano plants , abundant jalapenos, even the sweet italian peppers are giving it a shot. but man, the pepperoncini – my first effort with them – are going insane.  so, after i’m done gazing upon them lovingly, i’ll be pickling those little darlings.  and as the evening progresses and i return to water things, i notice my first cantaloupe on the vine, about the size of a baseball right now.  o happy day!  and as the night ends, i notice i’m in my little happy place….soft and sweet and mellow and with that little smile.  right where i need to be…


One thought on “the garden of happies

  1. oh, the healing powers of a garden, eh! i noticed last night that i've pumpkins on finally. and as i was picking the last pea my hand grazed a tomato plant accidentally and that skunky smell was released into the air. i put my hand to my face and breathed so deeply. for a moment, for a blistering honest real moment, every damn thing in the world was good. yes!

    i love to think of that two year old hugging you. so free to give love. i was thinking of a neighbor girl as i picked. the neighborhood kids used to make my children an excuse to come into my garden and pick with me, although these particular children don't usually play with my kids. i was thinking of Molly and imagining her coming into my garden just then. her mother would have been irritated but i'd have said, no, i love Molly helping me. even though she wasn't present it was like she was. oh, the power of kids!



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