before and after

five years in my  house and more than just me has changed for the better.

2006.  picket fence.  grass.  yawn. i’ve never been a picket fence type of girl and ironically, half of it blew over the next year in a windstorm…and the sloped lawn was always a bitch to mow…but it was MINE, something i never imagined being able to say years prior…it was my fresh start.
2011.  still a work in progress but it feels so much better to me with the deck, the rainbarrel the blueberries and herbs and other flowers, the veggies in the pots on the deck, and the lilies recently donated by my neighbor’s mum, and the railroad ties from the backyard…  still want to paint the house blue (always wanted a blue house), need to build an actual railing for the deck, waiting for the pineapple sage (all those small blobs on the slope) to grow in with their lovely red flowers that the hummingbirds adore, along with the two rosemary along the driveway to catch up with the big girl in the corner, and really needing to replace the roof (tear-off, quite expensive).  but now i love to be in the front yard seeing everyone walking by, my dog and i chillin’ out…

2 thoughts on “before and after

  1. Nice touch…yeah the only good thing a fence is for is to trail plants, preferably edible ones off…
    I like the breaking down of barriers and the nice segue from house to street, gives it an open and welcome look.
    I had a similar place once and grew a bunch of native Australian edibles. If anyone waltzed past,while I sat on my verandah with the pooch, I'd encourage them to break off a berry or leaf or ten and enjoy…
    Kinda miss it and yearn for something similar soon…


  2. thanks! most of the houses in my neighborhood are without lawns and everyone shares what they've learned. my rottie likes to lay on the front porch (even if i'm in the back yard) and keep watch over the world. it's funny, i had strawberries in the front last year and no one ate them!

    ps love that you said 'verandah' – haven't heard that word in years!


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