Weekend in Pictures…

wake up…blog vent…ride bike…big smile…zipcar…visit the nursery…return with soooo much…build two new raised beds…hear the violent femmes coming across the radio…plant tomatoes, peppers, basil, sunflowers, melons…dig up tulip bulbs that have multiplied…feel the sweat and dirt and sunlight…sit in the grass and look over at the world i’ve created…feel a bit melancholy…the sun turns to clouds and to rain and i still sit, in the grass, thinking…

my beautiful old girl, love of my life

in the garden at diprima dolci


i don’t need no steenkin’ worm bin…scooped straight from the compost pile 🙂
ten san marzanos all ready to go…
built two of these so i have eighteen tomato plants ready to grow…
the first of the irises begins to blossom…
and i see how the oregano has taken on a life of it’s own over the years
and i look up, at the lilac tree, and i begin to breathe again.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures…

  1. I know what you mean, yesterday i was sitting in an overgrown patch of grass, watching the bugs and splitting up the tulip bulbs, total heaven. Of course I got back in to have completely rosy shoulders, but it was worth it.


  2. Wow … beautiful garden … and that oregano looks so healthy! I adore Irises … yours is just spectacular! Must be the weekend for planting … our nighttime temperatures finally are consistently over 50 so all my tomatoes & peppers made it into their permanent homes today. All the herbs, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, Swiss chard, potatoes and sun flowers have been out for awhile. My little patio is FULL! Hopefully everything will grow and produce! Have a great week!


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