i’m here then there then a little afraid then a lot brave.  your words wind into me and i am bold, and i walk away and would rather run.  did i just show you all of me?  that is a risk.  i am a risk.

it is easier to be on my own.  that’s what i tell myself.  but you talk to me and i find you chipping away at me, uncovering little bits of my essence.  believe it.  people will show you who they are.  it’s an echo in my mind.  so it sit, back a little from the rest of the group, and wait.

yesterday i saw big, bold images on a giant screen.  too much.  too bright.  every time i find a sharp pain between my eyes.  they say it is for the children and it is actually for the boys.  i see only ivory men on the big screen, and the few women sprinkled in are oozing only with sexuality and anonymity.  further and further i find myself pulling away, disengaging.

and i’m questioning, and i am myself at the core.

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