Outside mi casa

so i’ve been a bit slow in getting my regular eco stuff on lately so i’ve taken lots of shots of things i do on the outside of mi casa to zen me out and give you a little sense of how sanctuary has been created, and how a little patience and a little time can do wonders.  i’ve been a homeowner now for five years and it’s changed me, and watching the evolution of my home, especially from the outside, and how i’ve evolved with it, is pretty cool.

chives make me happy.  they grow back year after year, smell good, taste good, and i love the flowers.
this is what you get when you let your kale go – i happen to love it – suddenly the pots on my front deck have beautiful yellow flowers , how cool is that?
artichokes can be grown in pots – and look how gorgeous they grow!  i am lovin’ it.  these ones are supposed to be purple.  nothing better than marinated artichokes and sweet peppers and a little feta…
sunflowers grow SO easily and so fast – i put these seeds in the ground a little over a week ago -talk about instant gratification!
last year i planted a hosta and everyone said it was a bad idea.  i planted it, and by winter it appeared to be gone.  look what i found growing nicely?  ha!  they were wrong…
watching blueberry blossoms slowly turn into blueberries is my favorite.  i have 7 bushes planted 2 1/2 years ago shortly after losing my father.  bought 2 year old rootstock which helped as i get a decent amount of berries, but man what these girls will be producing in a few more!  i bought a variety of these bushes which i’m glad i did – early, mid, and late season so they each have their own look and fruit over the whole summer!
may seem like a dull photo but this strip between my house and driveway was always yucky and weedy.  before i had my evil ailanthus weed trees cut down, i divided and transplanted all of the asters that grew at the base, and hoped for the best in the crappy soil.  have they flourished or what!  later in the summer there will be purple asters a’plenty…
there really is NO need for a gas/electric mower, people.  reel mowers work just as well (mine has a detachable basket if i choose to collect the grass – i usually put some in my compost bin and then leave the rest on the lawn to add vitamins back to the soil naturally – i never have and never will put chemicals on my lawn!), and are lighter weight than those big lugs – i mow every other week and use a weedwhacker for the edges of the lawn and that’s it.
i found these two heavy amazing painted fir doors in my garage when i moved in, and am dreaming about what to make these into – a table?  a headboard?  hanging art? love ’em…
and the door knobs – mmm!  love great old door knobs (my house was built in 1925)
and speaking of love, i love that its barefoot season!!!  i made sure that i can be barefoot anywhere in the backyard – hemlock mulch has no splinters, the grass i do have of course feels great, and absolutely no gravel anywhere!  (hard for me to imagine how folks have gravel paths – ouch!)
i wish i had a ‘before’ picture to show you.  see this tree and thicket?   when i bought my house there was this small 6′ stump that i thought was dead.  two years later it suddenly came back alive – and turned out to be a lilac tree.  i’ve let her have her way and it’s turning into quite the thicket but for god’s sake, these are lilacs – they can have half the yard as far as i care!!
and speaking of revival, this is a kiwi plant.  last year it vined up and over my whole fence and one especially hot day it sunburned and the whole thing appeared to have died and dried up to a crisp.  for some reason i didn’t pull it out of the ground, just trimmed it down to about 6″ off the ground and ignored it.  guess who’s making a reappearance….?  this kind of kiwi, by the way, is a hardier, smaller version and doesn’t need 2 plants to make fruit.  cool.

2 thoughts on “Outside mi casa

  1. Hostas are great they come back year after year and I personally think they are beautiful. I love that your year is filled with such gorgeous plants. In one of our previous homes we had a fig and white peach tree and they just went nuts. It was wonderful to have the fruit.


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