New Excuses for a Box o’ Bittersweet…

peanut butter makes birthdays better….

Okay my little Easter bunnies, Bittersweet is back in the kitchen and just made a batch of her personal favorite, peanut butter truffles – dark chocolate swirled with organic peanut butter, then rolled in peanuts.  For this batch photographed, I only rolled half in the peanuts as I’m playing with visuals right now in my boxes – and this also gives the creamy peanut butter lovers a chance to get something non-crunchy.  While the chocolate snobs may disagree, my favorite way to eat these?  Freeze them and then pop ’em like bonbons. 

Anyhoo.  It’s spring and that means we’ve got Easter, Mother’s Day, and any other great excuse for a treat that you want!  Think about it, and let me know…

Order online at the tab above.  Yummers.


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