Goodbye to a True American Hero

I remember being ten years old, seeing this thinking WOW, things are really changing for women.  Then watching that motherfucker George Bush attacking her and the idiots of America voting for 4 more years of that asshole Ronald Reagan who could give a shit about human rights and environmental sensitivity. 

For those who are reading this who didn’t get to see this amazing part of history, Geraldine Ferraro was more than the first female candidate for Vice President  (fuck you, Sarah Palin, this woman actually knew her shit).   She was a teacher, a sex crimes prosecutor, a legal advocate for rape victims, and a tireless advocate for human rights.  Gerry, you inspired me, you inspired Hillary, you inspired everyone.   Your impact on the world – and not just on women – will not soon be forgotten.  Thank you, and Rest in Peace.

“We’ve chosen the path to equality, don’t let them turn us around.”

~ Geraldine Ferraro


One thought on “Goodbye to a True American Hero

  1. Hmmm- VERY cool. Although I was just commenting the other day that I knew more about American Politicians than I do about Canadian (the product of our political system not spending as much time campaigning and our media being very US-centric), I didn't know about this amazing female role model.

    I totally get your frustration with the world today. It all seems a little hopeless… but if she could make a difference, there are more of her out there (more of US 🙂 ).

    Thank you for sharing.


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