3 thoughts on “monday garden

  1. Yeah, great weather and chats and friends! Boo, the rest. Kinda like my people who loved my house so much started talking definitive plans and blah blah. Now? Nary a word. Silence. Nuthin'. Don't worry, you'll rent that room. And stinky grossness will be gone. Good, good!


  2. thanks girls. i think the pms is kicking in to new heights this month. i just ordered a pizza without realizing it. shit.

    conceptualizing how to show the room to prospective renters while it stinks. maybe wait til after he's gone, clean it, then show it. who knows.

    bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan.

    5 minutes more of this and i'm turning on 'the bachelor'. wait. that's messed up.


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