it’s Definitely time for a haircut.
Don Draper: We should get married.
Midge: You think I’d make a good ex-wife?  

pancakes with sauteed pears and cinnamon
hot cocoa with a shot of kahlua
fuzzy sox
fifteen year old ratty down comforter
reliable pup
mad men

all sides of me have been stretched out
to the point where you can poke a hole through my heart
reach through me
look onto my shoulder blades
where betty was inked decades ago
massage your thumbs into my muscles

and make me forget.
but i don’t want to.  and i do want to.  and the pictures lie in a pile.

let me take another sip.

i am remembering the way i would sit up in bed
and an old lover from years past would wake, and see me, and rub the small of my back,
know that sometimes i just could not sleep,
and when i cannot sleep i cannot think straight,
and when i cannot sleep i just want that touch, that pulling me back to you to say
you are okay.
i’ve got you.
i’ll hold you tight til you fall back asleep.
so tight you know i need you as much as you need me.  and that the next one will say,
i’ll look after you. (and actually mean it)


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