the view from where i stand

everything is optional
i say my direction is unclear


it’s blue out there
sky is clear
cheeks are numb
i’m spinning, i’m spinning.

i don’t want to jump off this cliff without you waiting for me at the bottom.
say you’ll be there.

no shame in peeling back an extra layer.

i love that i cannot contain you. i’d never want to
we are brave and we are truth and we are passion.
i want more than just an escape into the mountains.

so i will go and sit over here my corner of the world.

i will write.  i will cook.  i will dream about playing in the garden and the sun coming out.
i will dream about summer days, wind flowing through my skirt and smile across my face.
i will imagine walks on long paths and shared stories and howling at the moon.

gather your thoughts, your life, your dreams and your songs.

you are safe with me.
your heart is safe with me.

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