Four and a Quarter on a Blue Sky Sunday…

blue skies on a sunday must always be taken advantage of…after dipping batches of truffles this morning – Cinnamon and then my new concoction, Pear Clove (from the organic Hood River pears I picked and canned over the summer), it was time to get out and explore the neighborhood, get these legs moving (being a cyclist, i have to remember to do some city hiking as it is good for lengthening and stretching the muscles that get so tight…kind of why yoga is also so good), and just enjoy the fresh air and – again – the tunes.  see a little bit of my walk today via foo-foo cell phone photography and at the end, what happens when i hit ‘shuffle’ on my iPod…

Pear Clove Bittersweet Truffles…my newest flavor…limited edition…
Dekum Street pedestrian/cyclist bridge over I-5
born in PDX yet never gotten up close to the Paul Bunyan statue…
what on earth is he smiling at?
ah, gotcha, never mind, ahem!
(that’s how tall the statue is, btw, shot this from between his ankles)
not the greatest photo i’ve ever taken but i love this art outside the new library!!
recycled art in the ‘hood…love it…aw man i can’t wait for spring!!!

i love so much music it’s a combination from high school to now to classics to club to cheesy and everything in between…now this walk was four and a quarter miles roundtrip with a break in between to have coffee with a girlfriend and her daughter, and i skip over anything too slow so my 1980’s power walk doesn’t turn into a saunter…let yer freak flag fly darlings, whatever makes you move…


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