what i want

photo by peter lindbergh

 “The city of Stockholm, Sweden consists of 14 islands that are spanned by more than 50 bridges. It’s a beautiful, clean, culturally rich place that’s ranked among the best urban centers in the world. I’m hoping that in the coming year you will develop a certain resemblance to it. With a little luck and a clear intention to forge strong new links, you will connect the many fragmented areas of your life, creating a unified network that ensures each part is humming in resonance with the whole. In fact, let’s call 2011 your Bridge-Building Year. “
~ Free Will Astrology, Aquarius

Ten Things I’m Gonna Do in 2011…in no particular order…

1.  Love Unconditionally.
2.  Live Fully.
3.  Play in the Sunshine More.
4.  Be Brave.
5.  Take Care of Me.
6.  Give Back to the World.
7.  See the Beauty.
8.  Get Sand Between My Toes…
9.  Embrace the New..
10.Make the Leap.

We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.” -William Somerset Maugham

2 thoughts on “what i want

  1. This list is really great. I think it touches on most of the things that we, as human beings, need to be doing more of. So many times we love for the wrong reasons, forgetting as the poem says to love the ones that are changed. Every day is a new moment. Embrace it like you say. And making the leap is essential to most of the list. It takes us to want to before they can happen so “the leap” is essential. Good, thought-provoking list.


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