morning walk in kent, england

there is always something beautiful about the morning.  fresh starts and clean air and the amazement that there is a new day.  i felt the cold on my face and the rose in my cheeks and breathed in so deeply.  there are many things i want and so many things that are landing around me, and the dying of the season reminds me of how much growth there is to come in me and in the world.  i struggle between life and death of the mind and the heart and think of my garden that is settling down for the winter.  i think of the inevitability of days passing and the mystery that the next few weeks hold.  my life needs some settling and i’ve been reaching out in so many ways and absorbing everything that has come my way.  this journey has both unsettled me and awoken me and while i cannot say what the future holds i can be grateful for the lessons and the beautiful moments and the unexpected chill of winter that wrapped around us.  i am blessed and i am breathing and i am conscious of more and more as the minutes pass.  there were surprises and shocks and the way we bumped and stumbled and tripped and yet when i opened my eyes i exhaled.  it was the morning and there were blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate and all was right with the world.

my favorite

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