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firehouse, the best little neighborhood joint a girl could ask for
bottle: 2008 Puglia Rosso IGT Antica Enotria
appetizer: crispy potatoes with lemon, garlic and grana padano
entree:  oven fired pizza with Zoe’s salame, fresh mozzarella and mushroom
desserts:  pumpkin creme brulee and espresso chocolate pudding
okay so i’m a little drunk.  drunk blogging i suppose is safer than other things.  i’ve come home with a lovely food hangover, a much needed night out, spoiled rotten by a friend who knew i needed it after a little weirdness of the day. the blessing i have are twofold:  one, a family of friends that make up for the lack of sensible DNA.  two, some of the greatest food in a three block range.  but the vino is what makes it.  i can live anywhere there is great vino.  do you know of anything better than sitting with a friend over a bottle of red wine, face getting a little flushed, mind going a little everywhere, sharing more than you might if it were cappuccino?  me neither.  dealing with the present and butterflies for the future, there’s nothing better than a little escape
it came in the mail along with a pile of memories i don’t remember.  interpretation is futile.

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