eleven sixteen ten

To make ends meet you have to grow , flow , starve and sprint your whole working life.
~ Storm Large

something is intoxicating me.  you know those dinners where you’ve drank a lovely amount of wine, enough so that your inhibitions are loosened, your conversation flows and you say everything and anything that is on your mind?  that’s how i feel tonight.

the longest i ever previously sat still was in that flat on the top of the hill. this time in a neighborhood. 

Today I ran for miles
Just to see what I was made of  

i wrote a list years ago of the many places i wanted to go.  by the age of 10 i’d been to 40 states.  i lived vicariously through friends all over the world, talking domesticity and taking the occasional solo journey.

but did i leap?  (it is more fun to jump over mudpuddles hand in hand)

my upcoming journey reminds me of this question that’s been needling me for the past year…

but for now?

snow angels.  snapshots.  and warm cheeks with lovely conversation.

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