What they say about those born with the Sun in Aquarius (c’est moi?)
The Sun in Aquarius has been called the “rebel” of the zodiac because of their total commitment to their unique vision. This can make them seem detached and friendly at the same time, with an innate sense that everyone should “do their own thing.”  These are the ones with a faraway look. 

They’re tuned into a different frequency…they’re happy to spend time alone. Yet as a sign of paradoxes, the Aquarius is also drawn to groups and “communities.” The Aquarian nature is known as eccentric, but only because it follows that personal golden thread of inspiration to the limits…it pushes out into the road less traveled and then goes yet further.

How they describe the Aquarian woman…

The safest way to enter into romance with an Aquarian female is to remember she’s as paradoxical in love as she is in everything else. It’s possible to have a happy relationship with her if you leave her free to pursue her myriad interests. Cutting off her flowing tresses won’t change her any more than it did in the fairy tale. She won’t be terribly interested in your bank book. Money is never the prime consideration. She won’t care if you’re not the richest man in town.  When you set out to catch this butterfly in your net, remember that she’ll never spend her unpredictable life with a man who isn’t true to himself. She’ll understand that your rules may also be highly individual. 

Her lack of suspicion under normal circumstances is a special bonus. If she actually catches you being unfaithful, it will cause a deep wound to her sensitive nature. You’ll know it the minute you look into those dreamy eyes. But she won’t suspect you without cause, and she’ll rarely doubt your word.  A dis­honest relationship goes against her chemistry. A conversation with her can be remarkable, to say the least.  Never talk down to an Aquarian female. She’ll resent not being considered your equal, and an unsympathetic attitude will cause her to become unapproachable.

Aquarian mothers are never fiercely protective of their children. They take a tolerant view of the most startling confession. With her unprejudiced viewpoint, she’ll gain the complete confidence of her little ones. She’s great at reassuring young minds about everything from monsters hiding under the bed to the pain of being ignored in the playground. She can turn their tears to laughter in minutes. Before your girl becomes a mother she has to become a wife. And before she becomes your wife, you’ll have to convince her that marriage isn’t synonymous with Alcatraz. The opinions of her friends will mean nothing, though she may ask them what they think out of curiosity. She has her own yardstick for measuring you. Let her wander through her wonderland alone when she chooses, and she’ll never question your pinochle games with the boys. You’ll also have to like her friends, who will come in odd, assorted sizes and shapes.

She’s susceptible to sudden flashes of inspiration, and her intuition is remarkable. Her judgment may not seem sound or practical at first, because she sees months and years ahead. What she says will come true, perhaps after many delays and troubles, but it will come true. She’s a little bit magic.

Words given to me, the Aquarius, this week…
Your new vocabulary word for the week is “skookum,” a term from the Chinook Indians that is still used in some parts of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. My astrological colleague Caroline Casey says it means “in cahoots with good spirits” and “completely made for the job.” Wikipedia suggests that when you’re skookum, you’ve got a clear purpose and are standing in your power spot. According to my reading of the omens, Aquarius, these definitions of skookum fit you pretty well right now. (P.S. When skookum is used to describe food, it means delicious and hearty, which could definitely be applied to you if you were edible.)
Words by (in)famous Aquarians…
“Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”
— Thomas Alva Edison, inventor
“Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.”
— James Joyce, author
“It’s an extra dividend when you like the girl you’re in love with.”
— Clark Gable, actor
“All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind.”
— Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President
Words for my friend the Taurus…
“I’m happy to inform you that the next two months will be prime time for you to cultivate your connection with an imperfect beauty who’s good for you.” (Horoscope)
“All that you are seeking is also seeking you. If you sit still, it will find you. It has been waiting for you a long time.” (Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

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