eleven two ten

yesterday:  rode bike home in torrential rain, every piece of clothing stuck to me like i’d jumped into the shower fully clothed.  grinning.

(well, until…)

today:  rode bike home in super sunshiny weather, looking up at the yellow and orange and red leaves and blue sky, amazed.  grinning.

(will know by tomorrow if ‘that’ issue is resolved…)

tomorrow:  weather forecast a crazy awesome 67 degrees then by friday november shall return with wind and rain.  new boss trying to get me hooked up with rain gear.  awww!

(yes, i’m still loving it in week two)

this weekend:  writing resumes on the side is supplementing my bittersweet world – a job last night paid for 5 lbs more of chocolate…considering i just ran out, a big Whew!!! so i’ll be working on combo #3, the cocktails, which will be of course four flavors of liquored-up chocolates including that infamous whiskey truffle…

(are you craving…?)

and later this month:  3 weeks from now, a bird flies across the ocean, to taste london and scotland and a small town by the sea where she shall build a snowman, make snow angels, cozy up by the fire, cook up some warm yummy dinners, drink whiskey and feel the tip of her nose all chilly after a morning walk on the beach.

(quiet little smile)

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