Weekend in Pictures

Green Tomato Bread – great use of all those unripened tomatoes and similar to zucchini bread in that the tomatoes are there to add just a little sweetness and moistness to the bread.  I froze the remaining tomato puree for future breads.  Recipe is here if you’re interested!
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup – I used my existing spelt macaroni for the noodles and grabbed a garlic-roasted rotisserie chicken from New Seasons to speed up the process.  My onions were less than stellar this year but the green onions and leeks I have substituted nicely.  MMM, comfort food.
My friend drove me up to the cemetery this morning as it would have been my dad’s 64th birthday today.  I had a talk with him, cried a bunch, left him the last of the roses from my garden, and let myself ball in front of my friend before heading over for coffee and quiche at the local coffeehouse.
then for the fun stuff – getting my truffles sorted into their boxes for the holidays!  this one is the ‘classic’ assortment – pink salt, peanut butter, espresso, and mint.  
and just a few minutes ago, finished the ‘specials’ assortment for the more daring chocolate lovers – lavender balsamic, pumpkin spice, lemon, and cayenne pepper
just a little shot of the lavender ones drying…i was given a sample of benessere’s lavender balsamic to try on the truffles and then crushed some of my own dried lavender (from the garden) to sprinkle on top.

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