I had the most wonderful privilege of meeting Eve Ensler and having her autograph a book for my friend’s daughter last year at the Women’s Conference.  When she speaks, it’s like church.  Which says something for an agnostic grrl like moi.

Last night I watched her speech for this, the final year of the Women’s Conference, and again was in tears.  Eve Ensler is now battling cancer and there she was, bald head and all, talking to us all about LIFE.  Life,

So I wanted to share her voice, and that of another amazing writer. They’ve felt the aching, the pain, the frustration of life’s lessons, yet at the same time they evolved and give so much to those in their lives.  They quiet me.

I need to go up and I need to get away.
I want to be near an angel so I flap my damp wings as fast as they will go,
I’m rising up through the clouds, I’m tasting hail and I’m tasting snow.
I’m running out of air and I’m running out of grace,
I’m losing the will to fly, I’m losing faith and losing face.

And so I decide to let myself fall,
content in my free-fall to consider that I wont be caught by a devil and that I’ll be given a home,
I shudder through the twilight and I chill myself to the bone.
And then I become aware that no world is my cage and that maybe someday,
some other lost seabird will throw their wings around me and that I’ll eventually be found?



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