The Beauty Routine…whaaaa?

So, I’ve been thinking that I’m blabbing a bit too much about my shtuff, and once in a while need to remind everyone why they call me EcoGrrl…

My girl over at Five Seed had asked me at one point what my beauty routine was, and I gave a super intelligent answer, along the lines of, ‘duhhh…I splash my face with water, brush my hair, and go to work’.  So I thought I owed her something a bit more eloquent.  OK not eloquent, but here’s what I could scrape together.

Back in high school, I wore plenty of black eyeliner and red lipstick, but never ever wore foundation, blush, etc. – I never quite understood covering up the face, and those who would tell me ‘it’s good for your skin’ to wear foundation, I knew that was a crock.

The best piece of advice I got was at a young 21 years of age, from an older lady I worked with.  Moisturizer every day without fail.  I took her advice, adding SPF-15 for my pale Scottish skin, and am so glad I did.  And as I’ve gotten older and more information has come available, I’m focusing on ensuring what does touch my skin is as natural as possible.

So, here’s a little peek into the EcoGrrl cabinet…

Moisturizer with Sunscreen:  every day.  Earth Science’s almond-aloe moisturizer has always been paraben-free, never has been tested on animals, and is 100% vegan.
I’m usually a ‘splash cold water in my face’ kinda girl as I don’t care for soap, but when I’m feeling especially grimy or dry from winter air, I like the moisturizing of this Burt’s Bees cleanser and the poppy seeds that give just enough roughness to lightly exfoliate.  Oh yeah and it smells delish.  Note: Burt’s Bees has no parabens, no phlalates, no sulfates, and are petrochemical free.
Origins’ Never A Dull Moment was a bit of a splurge for me but boy is it fantastic when your face feels greasy and you just want it to feel squeaky clean, soft, and smell extra yummy.  Ground apricot and mango seeds provide incredible exfoliation, in a massage rather than scratchy way.  No parabens, no phlalates, no animal products, AND you can bring your empties to the counter for recycling.
My favorite new discovery!  Five Seed’s coconut vanilla bean body balm first and foremost?  Smells damn good.  Just as important though are the natural ingredients (you see them right here in the picture – nothin’ funky to worry about).  I like this balm as a lightweight moisturizer especially on my hands and neck, but if she made vats of it, I’d just dip myself in it and smile big.
A longtime body butter grrl, I recently discovered Pacifica’s Thai Lemongrass body butter and fell madly in love.  My favorite thing to do is after an evening shower, to slather this on before bed (it’s especially wonderful on the feet) and wake up with the subtle scent on my skin.  It’s paraben and sulfate free, never tested on animals, and manufactured in the USA.  And did I say how yummy it smells?
Nope I’m not done talking about Five Seed.  If you work with your hands, male or female, the HerbWyfes Balm is incredible.  After gardening it’s especially great, but I always make sure to rub a little on my hands before I head off to work – it’s not slippery like butters and doesn’t instantly dissolve like lotions.  Just purrrfect. 
Are you sensing a trend here?  Gillian, darling, is IT.  I gave up my Pacifica Pikake solid perfume when I received this in the mail.  Seriously, if you are wearing department store perfume, get that chemical-laden crap off of you and check out these luscious scents.  It’s described as dangerously sweet…hmm…
And finally, on the Five Seed homage (seriously I’m madly in love…), you can’t leave without your lips smelling (and tasting) delicious… the Five Seed lip balms are addictive, but not in that Chapstick way.  You have to keep yourself from licking your lips, it smells so goooooood.  My friend loves the Rosemary I gave her, and I can’t ever seem to decide between the Chocolate Mint and the Vanilla Woods, so I trade off…here’s to soft delicious lips…
OK but I admit I’ve had one love affair since my late teens.  MAC Lipstick.  In college it was a super sexy and bright Russian Red.  Now that I’m a little older, I’ve darkened the tone a bit and now wear Paramount. No animal testing, take-back packaging program, and of course they are incredible supporters of the fight against HIV/AIDS.  But really?  It’s got the meow factor.  Everything else aside, I’m a Red Lipstick grrl.

3 thoughts on “The Beauty Routine…whaaaa?

  1. Love this – and not just because you mentioned Five Seed! LOL. Seriously, though, I'll be sure to share this on FB to show others your routine.

    Thanks for the kind words about FS, too. I've been a little discouraged lately with my efforts (not turning out to my satisfaction). So this makes me feel a bit better!! Thanks!


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