The Veg Challenge – and Reward

there’s just something about open shelving, hmm…

So after week o’ some mentally challenging doo-doo that has TRIED to turn my life upside-down, I must say I think I’ve done more than most do in three days post-mortem from the vomit-world that was the bureaucracy borne of my mom n pop…

* Got new roommate to rent out basement.  (Yes, LD, he’s very much a cutie. Old school manners and reminds me of those boys I crushed on when I was 14.  You know, the quiet skater dudes with the long bangs who listened to the Beastie Boys (now, minus the hair, although that would just be weird if he looked like 1987).  Currently I hear him vacuuming.  Girls, you know how nice it is when boys are clean.  Interesting person it seems too – thoughtful, observer.  A-Plus roommate thus far.)

* Got called by two recruiters for jobs.  (First one for chi-chi shoe company a la Run DMC, who didn’t want me unless I skipped my UK trip. Um, NO.  Second one will find out Monday, suh-weet)

* With help of aforementioned roomie, removed doors from kitchen cabinet to experiment with open shelving inspired in part by A Beach Cottage‘s recent adventures. (See photo above.  So far, so good.  Always hated those doors, and they never stayed shut anyhow!)

* Made six dozen truffles for upcoming sales (peanut butter, pink salt flavors).  (One dozen sold already.  Hoping to hear from bakery across street soon for debut of uber-local truffle goodness.)

* Whipped up vegetarian risotto with onions, orange bell pepper, and chives from the garden and a healthy portion of taleggio and asiago.  MOLTO BENE! (Had cooked up last slices of Gizmo bacon from my local friend, the engineer-turned-hog-butcher-slash-non-metrosexual-canner-and-gardener, to put in the risotto, but with New Vegetarian Roommate Vacuuming, thought he deserved a treat so cooked it up separately and will chop up to bake into some biscuits tomorrow morning.  Dang that risotto was good.)

* Applied for at least 10 jobs in my field and networked my little heart out Thursday and Friday.  The market is DEFINITELY improving.  (I tell you, people, the relationships you build now will help you in the future – I walked out of my old job saying, KARMA, and boy was I right.  So many folks willing to write you a reference, make phone calls, give you encouraging words – it has made all the difference in my attitude.)

* Harvested more cinnamon basil, green beans, and the last of the bell peppers; AND mowed the lawn.  (What’s next? Leeks, baby…so so so SO excited to make my favorite leek-potato chowder this winter!  Also have some red onions in the ground that I’m eyeing…keep forgetting to plant the garlic, which I suppose can happen when )

* Rode bicycle yesterday with aforementioned butcher friend to have World’s Greatest Hamburger at Stanich’s, where I’ve been going since I was an infant and celebrated my 21st birthday a gazillion years ago, then for dinner had hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire in my backyard fire pit a girlfriend.  (How All-American was I yesterday.  Although it was more beef than I’ve had in a season!)

Hell yeah to the first three days.  Tomorrow? Ride bicycle for killer espresso and usage of three free coupons for stuff at Whole Foods.  Nummy.

6 thoughts on “The Veg Challenge – and Reward

  1. Good luck on the job! If I can do it, you can definitely do it!

    The picture reminds me of the store that Sally has in Practical Magic.

    Open cabinets also make it so you keep them organized. Haha!


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