part two of the movie

there’s something about this movie that is drawing me in, intriguing me.  two people, dead within a year of making this film.  she was the same age i am now…

gable and monroe

“Hey, you really go all out, don’t you?  Even the way you eat. I like that.”

"You must be a magician. All he ever did for a woman was get out the ice cubes."
"You just walk in, a stranger out of nowhere...and for the first time it all lights up."
"Honey, when you smile it's like the sun comin' up." 

yet as i get into the movie, i don’t know if i want to watch the rest. the storyline glamorizes the capture of mustangs, how people just rounded them up, the hundreds and hundreds, and slaughtered them. for a brief moment you see them set free, but the whole ‘man versus beast’ when it’s gable vs the horse and how i never really was convinced that he was a changed man. she cried and whimpered but never stood up for real. this movie started out strong and then took the wind out of my sails by the end.  they weren’t misfits.  they were assholes.  


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