the resolution for 2010 has been to see. 
see with new eyes.
strip off the blinders and blink a few times.

give people a chance to say yes.
take the risk of asking for more.
they may still say no.
they may say yes.

don’t give up on yourself, or they will give up on you.

there is love all around you.
let it in.  absorb it into your skin. close your eyes and let it wash over.
believe the good things.
don’t worry about the bad.

they may say yes.

look at him without blinking.  without averting your gaze.  without fear.
you’re safe. 
it’s not a broken record.

allow yourself to be recognized for this new vision of yourself.
the real you.  not what they told you that you were.
or were not.
once upon a time you were loved for being smart and looking cute in glasses and reading books and writing long notes and doing cartwheels in the past.

be her.
and you’ll be seen.
be her.
and you’ll see yourself.

feel every good feeling and know that this time it will be different.  they will see without question that you are a force to be reckoned with.  and that this is a good thing. 

do NOT get sucked in by the darkness.
maybe they’ve got plans for you.
maybe they do see all that is good in you.
maybe you need to just open your damn eyes.

and see.


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