Magpie 34

“You say that now, but… after a time, you would forget. First, you would forget his chin, and then his nose, and after a while, you would struggle to remember the exact color of his eyes, and one day you wake up and, pfft, he’s gone: his voice, his smell, his face. He will have left you. And then you can begin again.

your flame was never really extinguished.

you saw a symphony and he saw a lullaby.  you read music and he only saw notes.   but you found a way to sing.

now you know.  now you look around.  now you see.

the picture is not as plain as it may look right now.
look a little closer.
it’s not as distorted as you may think.

some of ’em roam.
some of ’em stay.

doesn’t matter.
what does matter?
you are what matters.
not so much.
very very much.

there is an apparition, a reflection in the glass.
it’s not just you.
he’ll be here.
when you are ready to receive.
when he is ready to give.

you are the lyrics.  and your melody will be here soon.
you are the designer.  and your canvas is being delivered.

that’s not right.
you know what?
look around the corner.  look past that pile of knick-knacks.
do you see it?
your melody. your canvas.
sing the song and show us the picture.

no waiting around.
no wondering.

(never change, never fear, never blame.  open eyes, open mind, open heart.)

your gifts are everywhere.
he’s coming.
so breathe.

did you hear me?

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